Sumptuous Sundays: Tonkatsu By Terazawa

'Wait 'till you try my Tonkatsu' -Terazawa

I've been seeing this banner hanging at the steel parking lot of Greenbelt 1 long before Tonkatsu Terazawa finally opened. I was like, "Yeah, another Tonkatsu restaurant. What else can you do with Tonkatsu?" But guess what? My boyfriend and I ate here anyway. He was dang right when he said. "Well, his advertisement must be pretty effective because we're trying it out!" :D

Terazawa, a native of Nagoya, is very well known in the capital for his Tonkatsu recipe. Not long enough after opening his first branch to the public, Tonkatsu Terazawa has opened across Japan and the world.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00- P600.00

Click READ MORE and see his Tonkatsu recipe!

We have the usual sesame seeds (which is not toasted unlike Yabu and Saboten), Tonkatsu sauce, Sesame Mayo Dressing for the shredded fresh cabbage, and Rock Salt.

Free green tea!

The making of the sauce is just like Yabu and Saboten, but the unique ingredient here is Rock Salt. You grind rock salt on a saucer before everything else. Rock Salt, according to Terazawa, will bring out the taste of the meat. I suggest you put it on top of the sauce to get a better taste of it. And Terazawa was right: the salt enhanced the taste of Tonkatsu!

Second, pour the tonkatsu sauce. Their sauce is not super tangy-quite refreshing, I must say.

Finally, you grind fresh sesame seeds on top of the sauce.

Here's the Black Pork Kurobuta Set, lean (P575.00). They only have one size for the meat portion and they have a loin cut too. You get unlimited rice, miso soup, and cabbage. Their drinks are unlimited too so that's a plus. Their miso soup is probably the best I have tried.

To be fair with this restaurant, their Tonkatsu pieces are huge-it's way bigger than Yabu and Saboten! The batter has a smokey flavor and is not irritatingly crunchy, and meat's pretty tender. My only issue is, cut is pretty small and it's pricier than the two Tonkatsu restaurants.

Is Tonkatsu Terazawa any better than Yabu and Saboten? Just a teeny weeny bit because in the end, it's  still fried, it's still Tonkatsu. I do love the Miso Soup and Rock Salt bits though. :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I adore katsu! But I still loooove Yabu! <3

    I plan on trying this because I saw an ad on Facebook about this. Hopefully to try this next weekend :)

  2. here i am reading yet another mouth watering post! :) always looking forward to your sumptuous sundays post ms. m!thanks for sharing your foodie experience!hee..

  3. Ilove katsu too! Influenced by le BF :D I love your food posts too! <3

  4. I feel so sorry for myself I haven't tried any of the three restaurants you mentioned :/ I should go to Manila more often. Not a lot of choices for Japanese food here in Iloilo.


  5. yummy! just by seeing the sauce im craving na hehehe yay for another food post =)

  6. Louise: Bottomline, I love tonkatsu so I don't mind eating in any of the three. :)

    Rhain: Hope you can try it out soon! :)

    Angel: Don't be! I'm sure you'll be able to try them one day. :)

    Genzel- Thanks! :D

    CJ: Welcome dear. :)


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