Amazon Order Has Arrived+App Shopping

Received my Leather Honey from Amazon last month. Oh, regarding the status of my refund (Story HERE), I got it already, but only received a fraction of it as the payment for the Return Shipping was on me. :/ Well, thanks anyway for the effort, Amazon! LOL!

I've used Leather Honey on my Balenciaga wallet and Prada Tessuto Gaufre' the day I got it and it was L-O-V-E! I'll review it soon for all my bag hag readers out there. :)

For my next shopping spree via GCASH Amex Virtual Pay, I opted to buy apps. I was pondering on my next purchase/s, then it hit me: I haven't maximized my cellphone yet so app shopping it is then! (So now you know that you can use GCASH Amex Virtual Pay to shop for apps!)

My App purchases after the cut!

I'll always be a gamer at heart so I bought Infect Them All 2, a super funny Zombie game. As the name implies, your mission, as a zombie, is to infect people, although it's not that easy as the humans fight back! RAWR! This is a light and not-so-gory game if you wanna join today's Zombie trend haha! It's only a little over a dollar, I believe.

I also got Text Twist 2 to stimulate my brain. This is one of my favorite word puzzle games along with Hangman and 4 pics 1 word. :D This is two dollars, I think.

Since I'm an Instagram whore (lol), I bought some apt apps for my addiction too. Check 'em out:

I bought PicFrame so I won't be flooding my followers any longer with event/product/dog photos. :D

Finally, I bought this photo editing app called A Beautiful Mess. It's super nice and I love the filters! It's best for creating girly- girl photos with matching dreamy effects, and even comes with super fab fonts for personalized text, cartoon drawings for decorating photos, and stock texts if you can't think of anything to say about your picture. It's less than a dollar and very worth the purchase!

That's my GCASH Amex Virtual Pay shopping spree for now! Any suggestions on what I should buy next? :D

Here's how I used GCASH Amex: Visit this post.

Need more info on GCASH Amex's courier partner, My Shopping Box? Visit this post.

Please visit GCASH Amex Virtual Pay's website for more information about this service.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So you can use your Gcash Amex for apps din pala, I thought online shopping lang since they're partnered with My Shopping Box...
    Do you need to have a globe sim ba to get the gcash amex? :/

  2. i love downloading apps too ms m =) meron din nman po free apps sa play store =) meron pong for cooking, for spiritual inspiration (like bible), ebooks and more =)

    my fave: blisscam for editing pics

  3. Anne_22: Yes you do. :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing your pics! Camera360 is also one of my faves. :)

  4. That's very helpful for creating collage. :)

  5. So interested on that app " a beautiful mess" :) have you already downloaded the picplaypost app? :D it's a very cool app that lets you post many instavideos into a collage. You should try that one!

  6. Rhain: :)

    Itsmefati: WHOA! Thanks for the reco, will definitely check that out! :D

    Stephanie: Indeed! :D

  7. Cool purchases! I have heard a lit about the a beautiful mess. Its a super eat app for editing daw with lots of filters to choose from. Try pic collage too! Nice backgrounds and cool editing styles :) i also wabt to purchase using gcash amex. Next time, probably :)


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