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Went a little shopping today for some essentials. Check 'em out:

I'm starting to see the beauty of muscle tees as they're very comfortable and the prints (oh the prints!) are so cute just like this white muscle tee with a big juicy burger on it from Forever21-it looks so real, I can almost taste it in my mouth. It makes me look forward to my next cheat day! :D

Next is this pretty scarf/shawl from Forever21 too. I just realized, I don't have a scarf/shawl in my wardrobe. :p It's a cool accessory too: Wrap it around your neck and it'll transform you from drab to fab even if you're just wearing a plain tee!

For the last installment of my fashion hauls, I got myself these comfy drawstring shorts from Cotton On. I'm addicted to them lately! I also threw in this cute beaded bracelet with tassel and peace sign charms.

More hauls after the jump!

Dam-dam-diram-dam-dam-diramram. :D I scored myself some Riri hearts MAC lipsticks in Riri Woo and Talk The Talk! Was so lucky because I got the last stocks of these shades! :)

 I'm starting to become more and more interested with this makeup brand called Deborah Milano, so I got their Comfort Mat Foundation. I got two shades darker from my recent Balesin trip and I hope it lasts forever! The only thing is, most of my liquid foundies don't fit me any longer so I needed something to match my tanned skin.

Health is wealth as they say so I replenished my supplements. Went to Healthy Options and grabbed supplements from this good brand called Solgar. I've been reading about these Super Food supplements lately, or those supplements made from tons of whole foods including vegetables. Veggies, as we all know, are very, very nutritious, but we don't get to eat our recommended intake on a daily basis so taking in Super Food supplements will help deal with that. Replacing my Basic Multivatimins with this one!

That's all for my haul this week. :D Have a lovely Tuesday! :D

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. lagi talaga akong nacucurious sa haul posts mo ms m.. sa mga unang posts mo ms m ito talaga ang binabasa ko saka mga reviews mo ng perfumes =) hee hee

    I saw MAC lippies! woOt!

  2. Hello Ms. M, have you tried USANA products? do you have any insights there? May mga client ako na dealer and batchmates pero hindi ko alam kung effective ba talaga to. I just want to hear from someone na hindi minamarket yung product. :) Tried healthy options kasi kaso it makes me feel so sleepy all day. :)

  3. Cool hauls! :) if i were to buy those, my wallet would ache in pain. Haha. Love the mac riri! Absolutely love to have one! Haha

  4. oh so love the muscle tee! ;) i have a Jack Daniels design but unfortunately, our school doesn't allow students to wear sleeveless.:( oh boy, that riri lipsticks is love! ♥

  5. Ang ganda ng Talk the Talk!!!!!
    I haven't seen any Deborah Milano yet sa mga mall, will wait for your revieww of this product! hehe


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