Halloween 2013: Elphaba of Wicked

"The baby is unnaturally...GREEEEN!"

- No One Mourns The Wicked, Wicked

It's Halloween and Wicked is coming to Manila soon (I DIE!) and I have to find a way to afford the tickets. My college friends and I totally adore Wicked-we'd always sing the song Defying Gravity in the car, in our tambayan, in the class room, or whenever there's an opportunity! I've always wanted to portray Elphaba on stage, but that only seems like a dream (but I believe in miracles! :D) so I'll just recreate her makeup for you guys. This is much, much easier than my Avatar Halloween Look, but looks equally fabulous and trophy- worthy.


Black, Brown, Cream/White eyeshadows (preferably matte)
False Eyelashes
Black Gel Liner
Black Eye Pencil
Black Mascara
White Face Paint/Pale Concealer
Green Face Paint
Red and Orange Lipstick
Angled Blush Brush
Blender Brush
Flat Shader Brush
Smudge Brush

Click READ MORE and let's start with the tutorial!

STEP 1: Just like my Avatar look, cover your entire face with White Face Paint or Pale Concealer. Personally, I prefer concealer because it's regular makeup and my skin is more familiar with it, thus the risk of breaking out is very minimal.

STEP 2: Apply Green Face Paint all over your face. I also got this one from Shmily for P120.00 only. I saw a Snazaroo green face paint before in National Bookstore, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, green is a common color and I'm sure you'll find one easily. If all else fails, buy 1- 2 pans of medium green eyeshadow and buff all over your face using a wedge sponge dampened with water.

This color is much easier to use and even out than the Pearlescent Blue face paint in my Avatar look!

STEP 3: Elphaba has thick, black brows so that's what I did. I used a matte black eyeshadow as brow powder here.

STEP 4: Take your brown eyeshadow and blender brush and color your above and inner crease.

STEP 5: Take a blender brush and Black eyeshadow and shade your outer crease-the thicker, the better!

STEP 6: Get a cream or silver eyeshadow and highlight your inner lids. Try to create a gradient with the three shades.

STEP 7: Line your lower lash line with matte black pencil liner.

STEP 8: Apply thick black gel liner on your upper lash line. Off-topic: Those white stuff are witch whiteheads. LOL! No, they're wedge sponge residues. :D

Oopsie! Blurry pic! Been having problems with the stabilization settings of my digital camera. Please don't tell me I have to buy a new camera now. :( I'm attached to my Lumix! :p

STEP 9: Using cream eyeshadow and a blender brush, dab it on your under eyes until the top part of your apples to add dimension to your look.

STEP 10: Take your angled blush brush and black eyeshadow and contour your cheeks.

STEP 11: Using a smudge brush and black eyeshadow, create a nose line. You can opt for a sharp or soft line. I went for a sharp one because I wanted my look to be more theatrical.

STEP 12: More dimension please! You can achieve that by highlighting your nose with a cream eyeshadow.

STEP 13: Elphaba has a bright red-orange lip so I achieved that by layering a blue- based red lipstick and bright orange lipstick.

STEP 14: Finally, apply falsies and coat with a layer of mascara.

The Final Look


A failed attempt at being scary-I ended up looking funny. :p

That's all and I hope you liked this tutorial. Sharing my favorite Wicked song with you guys. :)

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  1. I am green with envy! ;-) Okay, okay, that was lame. Seriously though, great Halloween look! Well done.

  2. hihi ang cute ms m tamang tama sa halloween =)

  3. Nice makeup and love that lipstick color. What brand of lipstick did you used?

  4. I like the contouring here, even though you're working on a green base :P Haha love the growl pic :P

  5. Hahahaha youre to pretty to be scary. :)))

  6. Girl version of The Hulk or konting dagdag nalang ng flowers and vines and you can be considered as poison ivy =)

  7. So gorgeous in green!


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