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Here's a review on Human Heart Nature Cleansing Oil

Price: P350.00
Bought From: Rustan's Supermarket
Other Locations: Available through HHN Authorized Distributors, Beauty Bar branches, Rustan's Supermarket branches, Human Heart Nature's Official Website


Okay guys I have a confession to make: I am addicted to cleansing oils lately. AS IN! I have 6 bottles all in all. I'm in one of those moments wherein I develop an inexplicable love for a certain beauty product and thank God, oil does not deteriorate easily. My recent acquisition is this affordable cleansing oil from Human Heart Nature.


This 100% natural cleansing oil is purely made with sunflower oil. It deeply cleanses skin, removes all types of makeup, and soothes skin. It only comes in one size.

Comes with a resealable pump. I went to HHN's official website and read reviews saying that the bottle has a tendency to leak though.


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This clear oil is much less concentrated than their all- around Sunflower Beauty Oil, albeit still feels a lil' thicker than most cleansing oils I've tried-texture is pretty much like DHC's Cleansing Oil. It has a natural scent which is a little fruity to me, but ain't that bothersome. It takes away makeup really quickly and well except extra waterproof mascara, unless you'll leave it on for a while. It also clouds my vision and it's not that easy to remove that's why I prefer using it on my face. It has skin softening properties, although leaves an oily residue-it's the type that needs to be washed off with foaming cleansers. Once rinsed off, my skin feels soft and very clean (no oily residue left!). I use around 2- 3 pumps every time and one bottle, if used everyday, can last for up to 1 1/2 months or depending on how much makeup you wear on a daily basis.

This product performs pretty much like DHC Cleansing Oil so I'd recommend it to you if you want a cheap and accessible basic cleansing oil. It's now one of my faves from Human Heart Nature, second to their Moisturizing Conditioner!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would love to try this out! I've heard nothing but good things about cleansing oil and this sounds like its worth a shot

  2. Give their night serum a try too Ms. M. :)))) Have you tried VCO as your makeup remover too Ms. M? :)It's cheaper. :)))

  3. I've tried so many cleansing oils - shu uemura, kao biore, muji, nature republic and human nature. But this really didn't work for me. It was too thick and oily, doesn't rinse well and caused breakouts.

  4. Would you recommend the sunflower beauty oil to those with combination/oily skin? I've been wanting to try HHN products. They have a store just across our office. :-)

  5. Andrea: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Ever since I started using cleansing oil, I never turned back! It's so convenient and really gets rid of makeup effectively. :)

    Stephanie: I have it actually. Will use it soon. :) VCO, not yet, but I have one from VMV. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Awww....sad to know that it didn't work for you. Actually, read some reviews saying that they broke out from this too. Perhaps it's because of the thick consistency?

    Hazel: Hi Hazel! Based on my experience, yes I would because my combi/oily skin didn't react to it. But of course, use with caution. :)

  6. I just got this the other day and I love it! The best cleansing oil I've tried so far.

  7. hmmm,, before h♥n have makeup remover ms m. (2007 po ata yun) nga lang discontinued nila yun.. its my fave ms m its non-sticky and very effective.. sana ibalik nila yun..

  8. From VMV I use their Armada 70, they're actually on sale today until Nov 3 25% off.. :)) Never knew they have cleansing oils.:)) Okay Ms. M will wait for your review on the night serum.

  9. I love using human nature products, very safe and hiyang ng family ko :)

  10. I have a problem on the sides of my nose. It becomes dry :( Maybe I can use this/

  11. I use this too! It works well with me, no breakouts even if my skin is oily. Haven't tried other cleansing oils for comparison though. I've only used two makeup removers, Human Nature's cleansing oil which is really thick and the Bifesta brightening makeup remover which is quite sticky naman. I always go back to this cleansing oil kasi it makes my skin soft and smooth. :)

  12. I wonder how this compares to the HHN Sunflower Oil. I've been using their miracle sunflower oil to remove makeup since 2010 but it seems this is the cheaper more appropriate alternative for a makeup remover than their sunflower oil. Must check this out next time! Thanks for this post.

  13. Eiss: Hi there and thanks for sharing! :) I use the one for oily skin from Bifesta. So far, I'm okay with it and it's not the least bit sticky naman. :)

    Bastaigatsikat: Hi there Maria! The original oil is thicker compared to this one. :)

  14. Been eyeing this product for over a month now. Would love to try it! Thanks for the review! :)


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