LOTD: Burger, Burger, Burger

My recent coolest find from Forever21 is this muscle tee with a big, fat juicy burger on it. It's a sole reminder that part of the reason why I'm working out real hard in my boxing sessions is because of my love for burgers! :D

TOP: Forever21
BOTTOM: Cotton On

ACCESSORIES: Cotton On and Shopaholic and Hubby (Facebook)

BAG: Balenciaga

FOOTWEAR: Butterfly Twists

Hope you liked this super colorful outfit! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ang ganda ng shorts Ms. M , pati ng burger muscle tee na yan. :))) kaso pag nagsuot ako ng ganyan nakakamacho lalo. hahahaha

  2. I just noticed Ms. M , your skin is glowing. How do you do that? parang ang soft soft ng skin kahit picture lang. :)

  3. Ang cute nung arm candies. So colorful!

  4. Haziest hazel: Hi and welcome to my blog!: D Thanks! :D

    Stephanie: Same thing with me! my boxer arms look much bigger in this top, but I don't care-I love it! :D Nope, didn't put anything on my skin. I just came back from Balesin during the time I took this photo. Tan skin really looks nice and glowing in photos that's why I want to stay tan for life. :)

  5. i love this outfit post ms m =) so light and very casual =) blue shorts! ang cute.. im lookong for pink shorts to match my royal blue shirt!

  6. Bet ko ang combi ng muscle tee and short Ms. Martha :D super presko outfit you have there ♥


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