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Here's a review on MAC Fluidline in Wholesome

Price: P1,100.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in the following MAC stores: New Eastwood Mall, Trinoma, Powerplant Mall, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Cebu, SM Aura, Shangri-La Mall, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Megamall (soon)


I think we're all pretty aware of the popularity of this gel eyeliner. From makeup artists to regular gals, everyone's just singing praises about this thing. Blacktrack in particular is the best- seller and it has so many reviews already, so I think it's just plain cool that I got this shade called Wholesome for variety.


MAC described this as a product with a unique formula that has "the precision of a liquid liner". Claims to be foolproof and long- wearing, and yields a subtle finish. Wholesome, I believe, is a limited edition shade, but I feel that you can find it in cosmetic outlets in the US-that is, if you or somebody will find it for you, or if you chance upon an online store that sells this shade.

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Pot feels very solid and is very handy-I like bringing it with me whenever I'm traveling. :)

Top: Wholsome swatched lightly
Bottom: Wholesome swatched heavily

Wholesome is a blackened brown shade-sort of like a mix of Blacktrack and Dipdown. Consistency is silky, soft mousse (truly unique!), has no scent, and pigmentation is medium to heavy. The most commendable feature of this product would be the formula: It's not draggy and true enough, you can achieve a line with it in no time. You just dip the brush in the pot and the product clings quickly onto the bristles, line your eyes and voila, you're done-With this, I can line my eyes even way faster than Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Liner. Told 'ya, it's a speedy product! Oh, it sets rapidly too.


Wholesome appears to be a soft black shade on me. Works wonderfully on any skin tone, and great for those who want subtle upper lash definition. While I like its super easy and quick to use consistency, I find it a lil' streaky and I sometimes get an uneven finish (due to its soft finish, perhaps)--it took me a while to achieve a clean line with this one as I was so used to hard gel liners. The good thing though is it doesn't look clumpy if you layer it on. Staying power is the same as Bobbi Brown's eyeliner: It's practically smudge- proof, but stains my upper lids for a wee bit when the weather's pretty warm. In general, it doesn't need the help of an eye primer.

I like this product, but I'm more of a hard gel liner gal due to its more controllable formula. MAC Fluidline suits those who want (and are used to) the ease of liquid liner but the exactness of a gel liner-I also think it's a great product to use when drawing stuff on the face or creating artsy eyeliner looks because it's very fluid.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I should buy one! It doesn't smudge Ms.M no? yey! :))) mukang good investment naman kasi puno yung tub.

  2. I really like MAC Fluidline! And I am glad you do to :-) I personally like that the texure isn't so hard.

  3. Love it! I wanna try it out too. Looks so fab on lids. A must try indeed!

  4. I think it lacks a certain oomph I expect from gel liners. To me, it's looking like the only benefit is the mousse-y, easy formula + longevity...

  5. Stephanie: On oily lids, it smudges for a bit. :D

    KissandMakeup: Awesome! :) I agree that the texture is nice, but it takes some getting used to haha. :D

    Tellie: That's true. Regarding longevity, it's the same as Bobbi Brown but I like it better than this. :)

    Julie: Hi Julie and welcome to my blog! Hope you'll like this one. :)


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