Mary Kay Translucent Powder: Every Woman's Perfect Shade

Translucent Powder is so economical that's why it is one of my makeup HGs. The convenience it gives is unparalleled: It suits all shades of makeup, takes the guessing game out of finding the perfect shade- matching setting powder, doubles as a retouching powder and even as an eyelash primer! Mary Kay has just released their very own version, and they were downright right when they said that it (Translucent Powder) is "Every woman's perfect shade."

More reasons to love Mary Kay after the jump!

Mary Kay's new Translucent Powder is weightless, silky, and sheer. It sets any type of liquid makeup easily, provides a smoother- looking base, and has light- scattering properties that help create a soft focus effect. Mary Kay even conducted an interview on women and here's what they have to say:

98%- said that it felt weightless on the skin
88%- said it eliminates shine
86%- said it provides sheer coverage
84%- said it blends easily with foundation and sets makeup for a flawless look

The new Mary Kay Translucent Powder retails at P800.00, and is now available thru Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. Please visit MARY KAY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh that's expensive. I will stick with my essence translucent loose powder. Cheap but effective. :) I immediately bought it after I read your review about it Ms.M

  2. Im a MK user and i have the Loose Powder in Beige 1 (i use the charm brush with it -- the pink one i received from my loot prize on your anniv giveaway) --and they're perfect combination (you saw it on IG ms m the one my little baby was holding pink brush on right hand and the loose powder on left hand

    its my first time using a loose powder and i love it more than their liquid foundation..

    i haven seen this translucent powder yet sa brochure nila.. baka sa nov2013 brochure pa =)

  3. Hmmm...interesting. This seems like a great product to try out. I'll def check on this since this brand is kinda good too.

  4. Sounds great but I hope you had a swatch photo, Ms. Martha! :) Love the first photo btw :)

  5. which has good finish? this or the Ben Nye luxury powder? :D

  6. I'm still in search for my HG translucent powder, but this one's pricey. Might try the essence instead,

  7. Stephanie: Speaking of which, I need to buy soon! I'm running out of it!

    The Runner in pink: Essence is very good, although its texture is best for oily skin. This one has a soft texture and methinks it will feel comfortable on dry skin. :)

    Fati: Haven't tried ben nye's powder yet. :)

    Sue: Hi and welcome to my blog! Yup, it's a good brand. :D Lemme know your thoughts when you get to try it :)

    Angel: That's Mary Kay's official photo and I agree, it's nice. :) Will post the swatches in the review :)

  8. I have oily skin so I think Essence wiLl be perfect for me. Thanks for the info! :)

  9. Will wait for review of this. I just realized how translucent powders give difference to the finish of my looks. Me also thinks that this is expensive. Essence and Shiseido's Medicated powder work for me. :)


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