Misslyn Intense Volume Mascara in Black 01 Review

Here's a review on Misslyn Intense Volume Mascara in Black 01

Price: P559.00
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Other Locations: Available in SM Department Stores


In this post, you've learned all about the newest European makeup brands that have hit the Philippines at the early part of the year and one of them is Misslyn, a brand that claims to specialize in eye and nail products. They weren't kidding when they said that because this mascara is one of my favorites for about 2 months now. I like the way it volumizes my lashes!


Made to create lush and stunning lashes effortlessly, Misslyn Intense Volume Mascara is a clump- free, non- sticky mascara with Natural Wax derived from Rice Germ that helps condition lashes too while coating them.

Here's the wand. Bristles are soft and the whole thing is packed, which makes it truly great for volumizing. The secret behind its awesome volumizing properties is its smooth, semi- whipped texture that clings easily and very well onto the hair strands-it applies smoothly and true enough, it doesn't clump even if you pile it on and dries efficiently. It is unscented as well.

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Bare lashes

One coat

Two coats

Three coats

Volume is intense yet soft- looking, and I like how it makes me look like I'm donning a tightline. It's very light, doesn't flake, smudge, and smear, and it's waterproof, but slides off easily with makeup removers. However, it leaves a teeny bit of residue on the under eyes that you'd have to wipe off for a second time. The marvelous thing with this product is, texture is so nice even if it's new that it doesn't need to be aged for a bit before you can get easy, decent volume out of it. In all honesty, you can pretty much get the same volumizing effect with Maybelline's mascaras for a cheaper cost, especially with Hypercurl, but my experience with all Maybelline mascaras is, they're very wet and doesn't cling very well at first and needs some breaking in before you can get nice volumized lashes from 'em. (Well, I still love Maybelline anyway!)

I'm very happy with this product because it's very good, and I never thought that a fairly affordable mascara can deliver much, much more than I expected. I'd recommend this to you if you want a volumizing mascara that performs like a premium one, but at a drugstore price!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love new brands of makeup!
    Para syang break from your "routine" brands. Hehe.. I'd love to visit the Misslyn store/stall. I hope there's one in SM North Edsa... :D

  2. Got to try first Maybelline's ; tagal maubos ng TFS mascara ko. hahaha. Though this would be a nice gift for my cousin. :)

  3. havent heard of this brand ms m.. and i think i love to give my lashes more of volume than length..

    i love maybelline mascaras too but now all of their mascaras..

    im still inlove with avon magnify mascara because i think it has the wand that serves my needs.. (im more into mascaras better than putting fake lashes =) siguro ms m, first year hs ako nagstart magmascara pero yung clear mascara ng avon -- bihira na lang mkita sa brochure yun..

    i would check this out sa sm na na malapit sa area ko =)

  4. first time to know about this brand and I'm interested about knowing other products from them :) awesome ratings!staying powers is good as well. I love how soft the bristles of the wand is. No harm will be made to our precious eyes. wanna give this a try :D

  5. Nice! Masacaras are a must for me since my lashes are... you know... Hiding from the world. Hahahaha. They short and thin which means i need voluming mascaras. Haha. Thanks for this post! Love how you always manage to post everyday :)

  6. Hi! I finally have the guts to comment in your blog. I've been shamelessly (hehehe) browsing and using your advise for a year now and it helped me a lot in my adventures (and misadventures) in makeup. Anyway, this seems to be a nice product. I just hate the fact that even when i use makeup remover, some residue will still remain especially along my waterline. I just use cotton buds para masungkit yung tira. Hehehe thanks for the review!

  7. Thanks for sharing, my tube of mascara is starting to smell now and I'm looking for a good replacement. Btw, it was nice to meet you during the Paula's Choice event.. hope to see you again!



  8. anne: That's true! There's even more to come this year. :D

    Rattus: Welcome! :D Oh noes! You should throw rhat away na! Nice meeting a new fellow beauty blogger too. :)

    Becca: Hi dear! Thanks! :D Happy to meet another reader here. :D Same! i guess that's really the case with mascaras and eyeliners haha! :D

    Mary Chua: I think you need lengthening mascara, or an all-in-one mascara to address your lash concerns. :D

    Rhain:" Thanks for sharing your picks! I guess all of us have experienced avon's clear mascara-it was one of my faves too in high school! :D

    Stephanie: Yeah, maybelline is always a good choice-affordable too! :D

    Anne_22: Agree! It just makes makeup more interesting! :D

  9. *wink*

    talaga ms m? =) nauso na din nun yung colored mascara.. pinagalitan kami ng teacher kasi bakit daw kulay blue mga pilik mata namin haha =) sayang di pa masyado uso mobile phone na may mga camera nun hee hee, di ko na maimagine itsura ko..

  10. Wooot! One application of this mascara is already enough for me. Must visit Missilyn soon!


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