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Last week, I got a private message in my FB fan page and it was from a girl named Mandy. She just started with her accessories store and she's seeking help from bloggers to put her stuff out in the open. I said yes and she sent me these lovely accessories. To be honest, I didn't expect that her items are THIS gorgeous basing on the photos, but to see is to believe.

Fabulosa is truly the apt term to call her store because her products are simply that: Fabulous. Mandy's little online store sells lavish necklaces, bangles, and earrings, and I find that most of them are pretty unique.

Closer look at the eye candies after the cut!

These are my most favorite items in the bunch: Bib necklaces. They're a lil' heavy though, but super nice when worn. Just these and a plain white tee and I'm fine!

I'm sure you know that I'm an earrings person so I was pretty ecstatic when I got these charming danglers too. My favorite is the drop earrings with moth charms.

Lastly, here's a discreet pair of drop earrings. Looks good on an up-do and a cocktail dress!

If you want to order or if you want to check out her other accessories, here are the contact details. Please visit FABULOSA ACCESSORIES on Facebook.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the colorful blings here ms m! =) pansin ko nga po bihira kayo magpost ng accesories reviews =) pero it still add glam sa mga outfits =)

    i love earrings and necklaces (pero ok na yung fancy medyo nakakatakot magsuot ng gold nowadays lalo kapag everyday commute ka)

  2. Carissa: Hi and welcome to my blog. Indeed! I'm thinking of buying more. :D

    Rhain: I don't wear authentic jewelries also, unless I have to go to an important event. :D

  3. Sayang can't even wear earrings kasi nagkakarash ako , dapat silver or gold lang. boring tuloy ng accessories kasi wala naman masyadong authentic na classy unless sobrang mahal. :(

  4. You're so lucky, they've sent you those accessories. Statement necklaces are great when you're wearing a plain shirt or plain dress. Mejo mahal lang siya noh? I hope the necklace doesn't get rusty or damaged so fast.


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