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Here's a review on Snoe Matte World Mattifying Acne Toner

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When I was in my adolescent years, I was very much aware that I have oily skin (Imma born Beauty Blogger!) so I loved applying toner, especially the one with powder particles at the bottom. (Was it Eskinol?) I liked it so much because it was like applying skin care and face powder in one go and it really helps me deal with my oily problems. Sadly, it was phased out so thank you, Snoe, for bringing back this cult classic toner. :D


Snoe Matte World is part of the Shoo Zit Don't Bother Me line that targets pimple- prone skin-it works well for oily skin too. This toner promises to mattify skin, help treat existing acne and prevent the new ones from surfacing.


Read all about this daytime Primer-Toner that's good for oily skin after the jump!

This is an alcohol- based toner with white powder particles at the bottom of the bottle. It only comes in one size. It has this nice citrus/tropical/floral fragrance that's a lil' strong at first but goes away after a few seconds. I like its cooling and refreshing sensation, although it stings on reddened skin so use with caution if you're suffering from this problem.


One layer of Snoe Matte World Mattifying Toner

Right after application, you'll really see and feel that your skin begins to feel matte and smooth. The white powder particles are really doing their job here: as you can see, my skin looks as if it has cosmetic powder already, but nah, that's just the toner! The white powder removes excess oil and preps my skin for makeup. However, apply a lot and more than one layer and it leaves a white cast that sorta' affects your preferred face base.

As for the oil- controlling properties, it helps stall excessive oil production, but not by a huge lot. The only downside is, it didn't heal any of my zits and inhibit new ones from forming-I even remember getting a zit from it when I used it during night time because methinks the white powder has clogged my pores, so it's best used during daytime only.

This product suits oily skin very well, and could be a lil' drying for dry skin. I can even call this a primer because because it aids in better makeup application. For oily gals who dislike that silicone-y and creamy feeling that cosmetic primers give, this is a very light alternative.


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  1. I'm currently using their Snoe star night star bright toner. Nakakadry sobra kaya dapat every other night lang gamitin pero ako nga minsan twice a week lang. Tapang siya sobra best for spot treatment nalang. :)
    Thanks for this review though Ms. M.

  2. another intriguing product from snoe =) okay my to buy list from snoe is getting longer.. want to try their soap.. their hair heroes.. and lippies!!!

    proud pinoy made!

  3. Oh, i dont know these kinda of stuffs exist! I want one! Haha. My skin is combination. it oils up at night so im thinking this is still good for me!

  4. I believe how affordable it is! Considering it's a SNOE product (I usually find Snoe products quite expenive haha)

  5. same skin problem hir . thankyou for reviewing this ! more on skincare products specialy tl oily skin . huhu . will try this one ;d

  6. Martha, I know that toner you're talking about! Eskinol Matte and Fresh! I also used that years ago hehehe


  7. I remember the Ponds toner with little balls at the bottom. Oh, good ol days ♥ I really love this toner! For its says mattifying. ;) I am easily fascinated with every mattifying products. ♥

  8. Wow! Can't believe that you didn't out powder yet. Stared at it for a while. Haha! I'll buy this once I emptied my current toner. Excited!


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