So True Naturals Castile Soap in Lemongrass and Rosemary Review

Here's a review on So True Castile Soap in Lemongrass Rosemary

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Castile Soap originated in Castile, Spain, hence the name. It's a thousand- year old natural way of creating hard soaps using Olive Oil and Laurel Oil. It's made thru a long process and using only natural products-no preservatives, pthalates, sulfates, fragrance, and colorants to be found in it, thus it has been dubbed as the 'most natural soap' that it can be used by people with ultra sensitive skin and even babies. I know this sounds like heaven to all organic and natural skin care product lovers! There might be a couple of local brands that produce Castile Soap, but right now, here's what I know: So True Naturals.


 So True Naturals was founded by a woman called Soaperstarmomma (which is obviously a pen name) who only wanted the best for her child with extra sensitive skin. She's learned about the wonders of Castile Soap and began to search for it, but to no avail. She then bough a liter of Olive Oil, grabbed a stick blender, and started making her-and the rest is soapy, happy history. From Castile Soaps in different scents and variants, So True has now added more skin care items for Babies, Women, Men, and even Home products in their array of all- natural products.


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So True Naturals' soaps are handmade and huge-the block- cut and uneven sides definitely reminds me of Lush's body soaps. Lemongrass and Rosemary is a limited edition variant. It has an energizing scent with a hint of spice, but I wish the scent lasted longer and sillage is higher-the good thing about that is, I know that it doesn't contain artificial fragrances. Since it's a lil' huge, you might want to chop the block into two so you can economize on it or share it with somebody else.


The soap doesn't lather up so much and needs to be rubbed on a loofah or towelette for a number of times to produce a decent lather. It lasts for a long time as long as you don't leave it soaked in water-it's natural and doesn't contain preservatives, ergo it melts easily. After a few uses, the product begins to produce this slime, which means the soap is starting to coagulate. You can remove the slime if you rinse it off in water. If you don't like the slimy idea, this may not be for you. I like how this soap feels very moisturizing, and how it makes my skin feel soft after usage. It doesn't leave any scent on the skin and that's fine by me 'cuz it won't interfere with my perfume. In conclusion, I feel that this is more for moisturizing rather than cleansing. If you have very dry skin, this will be good as Olive is known to remedy dryness. For all organic and natural lovers out there, I think you'll like this soap primarily because what you see is what you get-it's completely devoid of synthetic chemicals that you guys might want to veer away from.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love using this kind of soap, why.. kasi minimal lang ang chemicals ng gantong klaseng sabon..

    4years ago our company held a "pangkabuhayan seminar" and taught us how to make soaps.. yung mga nagawang sabon pwede mong ibenta para kumita.. and from that seminar, i really learned a lot, kung bakit may mga sabon na matagal matunaw at bakit may mga sabon na madaling matunaw.. pati yung mga glutha content, bakit merong di masyadong mabula.. at kung anu-anu pa..

    using this kind of soap is proven talaga na safe even kahit sa sensitive skin.. =)

    and for 250php this soap is pretty well-priced =)

  2. i really love moisturizing soaps. i love how organic this soap is! :D

  3. I used to love Lush Karma soap sobrang bango amoy mayaman kaso nangangati ako maybe I'm allergic to patchouli. :(

  4. i love natural soaps like this because they really last a long time... it doesn't melt easily :) plus, very moisturizing :)

  5. Rhain: I wanted to attend soap making seminars too because I really wanted to have a skin care business, but I had to put it off because of the blog. In time, I shall establish one :)

    Issa: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Stephanie: Awwww. :( That's a possibility, or maybe it was expired already? Because Lush doesn't use preservatives in their products.

    Itsmefati: That's Castile soap for ya! :D

  6. really ms m! =) you should attend workshop for making soaps! my hubby wants to try soap making too!

    and for sure ms m im gonna be one of your suki buyer in future hehe

  7. I like organic soaps too! Hope you can do more reviews of bath & body products. :)


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