Vote For The Beauty Junkee in Nuffnang's First Nuffie Awards!

Hi guys! I just received some awesome news this week. The Beauty Junkee was nominated for the second time this year in Nuffnang's first- ever Nuffie Awards. Nuffnang, as you may know, is the one of the biggest digital advertising agencies here in the Philippines, thus I'm truly proud of this recognition! The Nuffie Awards Night will culminate the much- anticipated Blogopolis event, the biggest gathering of the most influential bloggers and social media personalities in the country.

I was nominated in the category THE FOLLOWING, best social media engagement. Thanks to all your unwavering comments on my blog every single day, we've come this far once again-a huge chunk of this nomination is by you guys, so this one is also for you! :D

If it wouldn't take too much of your time, I hope you can vote for me and help me win this time around. Other nominees in this category are Becky Nights, David Guison, and Mic Sy of Fashion Pulis to name a few. Voting is very easy and wouldn't take more than 3 minutes, so I really hope you can spare some time and vote for me! :)

Voting mechanics after the cut!

2. On the banner area, look for NUFFIE AWARDS and click
3. Browse over the category page and look for THE FOLLOWING
4. Click VOTE NOW below the description of the category

5. Just look for my photo and click VOTE.
6. Receive all my love and wholehearted thanks for your effort! :D

There are other blogger nominees that I'm sure you love as well, so please take some time if you wish and vote for them too! :D

That's all, guys, you can vote once everyday. I have also provided a banner for it on the sidebar so just click that so you may be redirected to the site easily. Voting ends on November 15, 2013, I believe, so please, please, pretty please vote for me everyday! :D I love you guys and thank you so much! :D 

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I pin the tab of blogopolis on my browser so I can vote for you everyday Ms. M :) just finished voting for you today. :)

  2. i read your blog everyday, for free. so as my way of saying "Thank you", I'll vote for you.. :D

  3. yes! will be voting for you everyday too. :)


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