Brow Waxing Experience at Wink Laser and Wax Studio

I was invited to experience Wink's Brow Waxing treatment. It was a quaint salon event where Beauty Bloggers gathered (met new ones too!) and Makeup Factory was also there and conducted a brow grooming demo.

Wink's Brow Waxing treatment is a quick and tolerable solution to taming rowdy brows. Click READ MORE and see how it goes, plus I'll tell you my thoughts about this service.

The wax they use is a soft, pliable wax in a cute pink color. I'm guessing the brand is Berodin, a known wax brand in the US.

Here's my right brow. I get very obvious regrowths especially on the brow bone area, and regrowths interlaced with the strands that make up the shape of my brows.

First off, my brow makeup was removed using a clear cleanser that has this emulsion- like texture. It dries off easily, thus it saves you a good amount of time.

Geez, the warm wax made me feel sleepy. LOL.

Good thing the wax had the perfect temperature, but just to be sure, ask your aesthetician to test it on the inner part of your arm first to avoid scalding. The wax was very flexible and it took out all my regrowths effortlessly. I also liked that they did this pressing technique every time on the waxed parts to minimize that irritating, throbbing feeling.

Cleaner brows in 15 minutes!

My Beauty Blogger pals Donnarence and Sabs got waxed too!

Wink's Brow Waxing treatment is quick and virtually painless, and it's great to take if you only need emergency brow grooming. I think this treatment is just for cleaning, not shaping and is best for those who only get regrowths on the outer areas of their actual brow shape. It's only P250.00 so that's a great deal!

Please visit WINK LASER & WAX STUDIO on Facebook for more information about this treatment.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ms.M what brow salon do you recommend if I want to shape my eyebrow? ang complicated daw kasi ng kilay ko hirap ishape. hehehe.Hindi rin naman ako marunong, kaya naghahanap ako ng pwede ko ipagkatiwala kilay kong complicated. hahaha

  2. never tried waxing my eyebrows but what i do to maintain a clean and shaped brows is eyebrow threading in Lay bare Waxing Salon, really cheaper than Wink but it's painful, depends on how sensitive you are.. try their service! :)

  3. havent tried waxing ms m =) kahit magbunot ng kilay (nakakaluha) so i just shave it =)

    this one is pasok sa budget so, i could consider trying this one =)

    thanks ms m! smooches!

  4. yay!I wouild like to check on their salon and try the brow waxing when I get back to Manila

  5. Its in my To Do get my brows professionally done... I have difficulty shaping them since they are a bit uneven due to an accident when I was younger and the scar (not that much visible now) kind of push the other brow a bit higher :D

    I never tried brow waxing but i do the maintenance of removing stray hairs which is why I always carry a tweezer around :D

    Girls scout nga daw ako kasi sometimes you would find a portable sewing kit in my bag too..dala ko na daw lagi aparador ko..

    oh well, cguro I might try waxing din..medyo hesitant lang kasi takot ako sa soft wax cause nag-react ang skin ko before in another part of my body.

    By the way, is it really less painful?

  6. Winnie: Thanks for sharing, winnie! For shaping, I still prefer threading because of my brow type. Pain depends on your tolerance, but I heard a lot say that threading is a lil' painful compared to waxing . In my experience, threading is not that painful if you get it from Browhaus-they use a patented thread that's soft and doesn't cut through your skin. :)

    Leilani: Nice! You'll love the interior! :)

    Rhain: welcome! Let me know how you love/hate it! :)

    Jerlyn: I'd love to soon. :)

    Stephanie: Go for Browhaus. Hands down, they have the best brow shapers in town. It's a lil' pricey at first (580php per session), but you'll really come out with nice brows afterwards. Do it once and if you want to save, maintain your brows by tweezing stray hair strands once they show up.


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