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Call me a hygiene freak, will 'ya? I always have alcohol, sanitizer, wet wipes, and facial tissue in my everyday bag. If your hands got dirty and you couldn't find a restroom nearby or you don't have hand- cleansing products with you, and if you see me, come right up to me and I shall clean your hands haha!

My recent brand of choice for hand sanitizers is by this indie brand called Droplets of Nature, a local brand that makes all- natural products. They've got body soaps, this, and even dishwashing liquid.


This sanitizer is chemical- free and claims that it's so gentle that you can use it on the hands of a baby. Its anti-bacterial properties are courtesy of the plant- based lactic acid, while the fruit- based alcohol is a very mild base.

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It only comes in one size, but has two variants: Pink and Blue. I don't know how the Blue one smells like, but the Pink one has this nice powdery smell: it's fragrant but not too strong, and effectively perfumes your hands and gets rid of nasty odors. It fits perfectly in any makeup kit, although it's a lil' bulky.


It's just a plain, clear liquid with a texture that's more like water than alcohol. It feels a lil' cool and has a moisturizing effect due to the essential oils in it. My dry hands love it! It's a lil' pricey for a hand sanitizer, but I wouldn't mind shelling out a few pennies for something that's better!


Please visit DROPLETS OF NATURE on Facebook for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This must be really good:))) parang pwede na to pang gift. :)))

  2. Hi Martha,

    Thanks for informing me about this product.
    Hope they would sell these at stores. Landmark!
    I have been using the spray hand sanitizer from
    Bench but I find the scent rather strong. I have
    A sensitive nose and I rarely use products with strong
    Scents. I do wish to try droplets eventually. Thanks again!

  3. because you gave it a perfect rate for product review, i must give it a try too :)

  4. how much is it? I trained my 9 yr old daughter to sanitize her hands whenver she came out of the bathroom...which i don't know if its ok cause i always ran out of alcohol at home and my hands sanitizers are getting lost (wonder where they went? lol)..
    Anyways, if it is still within the budget, I wouldn't mind shelling out a few more ...

  5. i prefer this type of sanitizer, in spray form parang mas tipid ito =) and since i have allergy too (rhinitis) i could go for a powdery smelling type of colognes/scents.. fragrant but not too strong.. hope they're available in all drugstores =)

  6. Haha I laughed on your HYGIENE FREAK ms.Martha! Why? Super relate here! Mawala na yung compact powder ko wag lang alcohol, sanitizer, wet wipes, and facial tissue on my side. I thought that is weird, d pala ak nagiisa, hihi :D

  7. Hi Beauty Junkee!

    Aria Nail Lounge is selling these and are available also at our Nail Salon and we also do shipping. We also sell Beauty & Bright Soaps by Droplets as well.

    You may contact us at 0916-6152648 or arianail.lounge@gmail.com
    Thank You!

  8. Hi Beauty Junkee!!

    Droplets of Nature Hand Sanitizers are avialable at our nail salon.We also carry Beauty & Bright Soaps by Droplets of Nature : Facial & Body Lightening Moringa and Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti-Againg Serum bar.And we also do shipping as well. Thank Yo! =)

    Aria Nail Lounge

  9. Stephanie: Yup, just put it in a nice box. :)

    Leilani: You should meet my mom haha! :)

    Rhain: You can inquire via their fb fan page regarding their whereabouts. :)

    Jerlyn: Awww, thanks! :D

    Winnie: Price is at the top part of the post-it's 69php. :)

    Joeydragonlady: Hi and welcome to my blog! Hope you'll like this product if ever you purchase it. :)


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