FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Eyeshadows for Non-Eyeshadow Lovers

Everyone's just talking about the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda and it's making me really, really sad. I wish I could go there and help, but I can't just drop all my commitments here as it would be unfair to the people who hired me to work for them. But that doesn't mean I cannot help-Liz and I are going to do a physical blog sale by December and all proceeds will go to Red Cross and other concerned organizations. Please support this sale. I will post the deets soon. In the meantime, you can send help to Google Finder, Red Cross, and World Food Programme through the widgets on the side column of my blog.

Our question for the day is about eyeshadow for those who are not really into wearing them. This is a question that I can totally relate to because I seldom like wearing eyeshadows! It's not that I don't like 'em-it's just that, it's not my cup of tea. Anyhoo, the question is from Jolly Josephine and 'ere goes:

Hi Ms. Martha!  

I'm a reader of your blog for quite sometime now. I love  

make-up but i'm not really into blending different colors of eyeshadows.  
can you suggest eyeshadows that can be used alone? especially something  
wearable everyday. thanks a bunch! :) 

Jolly Josephine

Hi Jolly Josephine!

I don't know why, but your name just brightened my day. :D I could totally feel you, girl! Sometimes, I wanna wake up with a well- blended eyeshadow look on my eyes especially on days wherein I have to go to a special event. It just eats up my time as I'm so meticulous about it!

'Cuz of that dilemma, I've come up with my staple set of eyeshadows that don't need a lot of blending, but will still look fab. Heck, you can even apply them while you're walking or with your bare fingers. I'll share them with you (and with everyone as well) after the cut!


- I think cream eyeshadows are simply invented for you and I, and those who share our problem. Cream eyeshadows, ideally, are worn alone, thus they're formulated to look good on their own-if you're feeling a lil' industrious, you can layer 'em with other colored powder eyeshadows. A Cream Eyeshadow is like having two products in one: A regular eyeshadow and an eyeshadow base. It's a staple in my kit!

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- My ultimate secret weapon to achieving bright eyes in no time. Cream/Champagne- colored eyeshadows in a frost finish will help lift tired- looking eyes and make you look fresh overall. Since the color is neutral, it's foolproof and will still look awesome even if you apply it lazily. My personal favorite is MAC Frost Eyeshadow in Ricepaper because it flatters Asian skin tones really well.

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- When in doubt, go Black! This will come handy in night time events/parties/dates. This is the easiest way to deepen eyes and achieve a decent smoky look. All you need is a blender brush and you're good to go!

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- Got meetings and important events during the day? You would need a lil' help from midtone/dark brown eyeshadow to enhance your look. You just have to apply this color closely to your inner lid and blend upwards for a little to give your eyes some neat definition. All you need is just a blender brush too, and a 5 minute bathroom break to transform your eyes from nah to yeah!


- Shadow Sticks are more convenient versions of Cream Eyeshadows in pots. They're very handy and I keep some that I could bring to my travels.

That's all and I hope you liked this post! A great Friday to all of you!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. SAME HERE!! i'm only gonna put eyeshadow when i'm on the mood to play colors with :) eyeliner is enough for me to make my eyes look presentable..

  2. I love this post! Excited for your blog sale, at the same time, helping the people affected by Yolanda! Have a great weekend! <3

  3. thanks for this post! I'm not an eyeshadow person either so this is helpful especially when you want to look extra special but not too made up. What I sometimes do is I put on a light shimmery shadow, usually the shadow from Majolica Majorca's Hummingbook II, on my lids and then apply eyeliner. Instant made up!

    and yes, I'm excited for the sale too! Can't wait! :D

  4. Awesome! Thanks for this post. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't have enough time in the mornings to get fully made up so blending is a problem hehe. Using a single eyeshadow helps boost my look! :)

  5. never had interest with eyeshadows but I have a lot here unused. hehehe makapag experiment nga.

  6. i bought a colorful eyeshadow palette and until now i think i used it just 3 my line of work, i am hesistant to use bright and colorful eyeshadows. hehe so i just use neutral colors..but there are times i am so lazy to do blending and ended up with no eyeshadow at all.. :D

  7. Eversince I have discovered your blog, your Fan Mail Fridays is my most favorite segment. I back read your previous posts and you know what Ms.Martha, you have helped me a lot. Thanks so much for the suggestions and tips you share to your readers.

  8. nice :D .. i usually do a single color eyeshadow to using eyeshadow sticks..they are more convenient that way and easy to use :D

    I so totally agree.. in my line of work, i only use eyeliners and I seldom do eyeshadows :D.. it is too time consuming especially if I am in a hurry ...

  9. to brighten my eyes i use, MAC Soft Force Deluxe Pearl, my on-the go palette is from Sleek, i got Storm (day looks) and Graphite (Smokey eye)

    i seldom use eyeliner..

  10. Rhain and anne_22: Thanks for sharing! :)

    Winnie: I fancy eyeshadow sticks too because I can apply 'em while waiting for the traffic light to signal GO hehe. :D

    Leilani: You're welcome. Glad you love it! :)

    Mikeebelle: Same here! I don't wear eyeshadows to events, really. If I do, that means I am going to review the eyeshadow and I'm testing it. :D

    Stephanie: Yes you should! Eyeshadow is also good and it really enhances the eyes. :)

    Paola: Cool! :D While I always go for eyeliner to boost my look. :)

    Juvy: Yay! Can't wait to see you! :D

    Jerlyn: High five! I do the same too. :)


Thank you for your comments!