FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Top 5 Good but Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes + Top 5 Natural-Looking Full Coverage Foundations

Hello guys!  We've got a pretty meaty Fan Mail Fridays blog post today, and some more in the coming weeks. I wanted to answer everything today, but figured that that would be overkill! So let's all be patient and digest everything one by one. :D 

What we will discuss today are all about good eyeshadow and full coverage foundation products.

Hi Martha, 
Yes I'm a reader of your blog, and I would like to know what liquid foundation you would recommend that has a nice coverage for blemishes, but still looks beautiful on skin. What is your favorite foundation?  

Hi Cel!

Bobbi Brown and MAC are my top brands for foundation, but I tend to lean towards the former more because I like the uniform, natural finish of their base products.

In case you guys didn't know, I'm a huge fan of full coverage foundation. Why? Because what's the point of wearing foundation if coverage is sheer? Foundation is supposed to enhance your skin tone and its appearance, so I truly believe that you better get something that will just do these things to your face. THANK YOU! (Waves hand, flashes Miss Universe smile to the judges)

Anyhoo, my recommendations will be revealed once you click READ MORE. Second question is at the end of this post too so read on! :)

Concealing Power: Very Good

- This is already a hall of famer in my recommendations list. Bobbi's really known for her base products! The full coverage foundation from her brand that I'm totally loving is this because it still allows the texture of my skin to peep through, but covers light to medium discolorations quite well!

Concealing Power: Excellent

- When I have fresh, really dark post- acne marks, this is my go- to foundation because its thick (but lightweight) consistency gives me that second- skin look. The light- diffusing pigments in the formula combat the dreaded fake, flat matte finish.


Concealing Power: Excellent

- This product will forever be my favorite MAC foundation. It's a cream- based, full coverage foundation that totally acts like a concealer and hides even reddish blemishes-finish is a lil' thick, but it doesn't look ugly! You can also manipulate the coverage depending on your makeup tools: Use a flat top brush for a full coverage finish or a sponge for a sheerer finish.

Concealing Power: Good

- If you don't have serious skin discolorations, but suffering from uneven skin tone, Yves Rocher's foundation will solve that. It's a light, pigmented foundation that evens out your skin tone very well but makes you look as if you don't have anything on.

- This is another hall of famer. I have yet to find a powder foundation that covers fantastically like this! If you have light to medium discolorations and you don't like the feeling of wearing liquid foundation, go for this!

Here's a bonus tip for you. You can completely conceal any discoloration, blemish, and unevenness with Shiseido's Radiant Lifting Foundation and Powder Foundation. Visit my SHISEIDO MAXIMUM COVERAGE TECHNIQUE post. :) This technique will work with other powder and liquid foundation brands as well.

Our last question is from a budding beauty enthusiast named Belle. Here's her query:

Hi Ms. Martha! 
I'm just a new 16 yr old lurker of your blog. I'd like to thank you first for all of your reviews! Super helpful in my buying decisions. I also have to say that you're one of the most responsive bloggers in terms of fan mail questions that I've seen so far! Which is why I've come to you for this question. Can you recommend any cheap, but good quality eyeshadow palettes? I like a bang for my buck, and I'm such a cheap person, so yeah (: My max price would be around 1k. Thank you so much! 
With love,Belle

Hi Belle!

Glad you appreciate my reviews! :D I have a friend who once mused that finding affordable but very good eyeshadows is a tedious task, but I just think she's not looking hard enough! :) I hope she's reading this post now so she'll have an idea! :D Hope you'll find this list helpful too!

- This is prolly the most pigmented but affordable eyeshadow I have ever used! Quality is great, and it's only below 1k. :)

- For a budget- friendly eyeshadow brand that's generous with color options, Revlon should be your go- to brand. I also like that they come out with trendy colors every so often.

- Avon has improved the quality of their makeups by a huge lot, and this makes me more excited to try out their these products! Avon's True Color Eyeshadow has a good range of colors too, and the medium pigmentation of their shades will suit a 16- year old gal like you. :)

Photo Credits:


- Inglot will soon open in the Philippines, and I heard that their single eyeshadows are around P350.00+ only. If you want super duper pigmented eyeshadows with stunning PRO quality and a color range to beat (450 shades yo!), look no further, choose Inglot! :)

Photo Credits:


- NYX has always been the well- loved American drugstore brand of makeup by everyone in the planet! They're well known for their eyeshadow line as it is said to bear a lot of dupes for MAC's eyeshadows. I owned a couple of these before, and I recall that they have a nice, buttery texture and superb pigmentation.

I have provided the links for some products so if you're interested to know more about their quality and price points, just click the violet- colored words. :D

That's all and a fabulous weekend to all of you! :)

**Got a burning question about makeups, skin care products, beauty, dieting, and health tips, relationships, and whatever? Just send them to or shoot 'em up at The Beauty Junkee's FB Fan Page via the MESSAGE button and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. (Please, do not send me Math- related queries. :D)

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow.. some of my questions were answered especially for the eyeshadows.
    one question though could you recommend a good foundation for a 9 year old kid? Thank you by the way for answering through mail :D
    This is just a follow-up question :D

  2. Ms. Martha, what lipstick are you using in the first photo? Thanks! :)

  3. Super Excited for INGLOT !! :D

  4. Winnie: Thanks dear! Oh, I wouldn't recommend a liquid foundation to a kid, unless this is just for a school play or something like that. If your kind has sensitive skin, you may go for VMV Hypoallergenics because it's a very mild brand.

    Bestbygolly: Same! :)

    Aissa: None. :)

  5. My fave segment.. Thanks for the recommendations Ms.Martha. Those are good quality makeups. I also got the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadows and I am never disappointed.

  6. Love the eyeshadow recommendations! Avon is coming out with an 8-shade eyeshadow palette I think, which is even better than their quads and bring more bang for the buck!

  7. Oh wow! You really have nice lips. Good for you! :)

  8. Wowow! Thank you so much Ms. Martha! I guess I already know what I want for Christmas! (;

  9. Oh, hey! Love the foundation write ups. Not a fan of Shiseido but now I'm thinking of checking it out!

    Though, would it be too much of a hassle to ask for their price ranges (for the foundations at least)? Like, I wanted to compare the quality for the price sort of thing and was hoping you would oblige :p

    (Especially since I don't really buy from the other brands besides Mac!)

  10. Hi, Martha.

    I 've been using Shisiedo's Radiant Lifting Liquid Foundation ever since you have introduced me to said product back in January. I love it for its buildable coverage and fantastic matte finish making one achieve “flawless” skin. This is the foundation that I would repurchase time and time again.

  11. Belle: Hi Belle! Welcome to tbj! That's great to hear! :)

    Louise: Hey Louise! Welcome to my blog! I have included links of the featured products within the post. Just click the names of the products and you'll be re-directed to their respective reviews-prices are there. :)

    Cel: Thanks! :)

    Aissa: Thank you! :)

    Becomingsleek: Thanks for sharing that info! I'd love to check that out soon. :)

  12. Thanks Martha :)
    It is actually for a school play on January and I am on the hunt for appropriate cosmetics for her.. I am going to do her makeup to ensure she gets only the! As a mother, you can't always be too sure of what they will be using on your kid :D
    THanks for the heads-up.. I was actually considering VMV as of the moment :D

  13. for e/s i would love to recommend sleek e/s i have graphite and storm for those who loves doing smokey look! =)

    ive tried avon e/s before and im glad that they've improved their formulation and i love how pigmented their e/s are!

    for single e/s im loving hayan =) and sansan(budget friendly)

    i love eyeshadowsn ms m!

  14. Kristianne: Hi there! Awesome! That's one of my fave foundations. :)


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