FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Top 7 Best Nude Lipsticks for Morenas

Hello guys! Just finished with a meeting that's why our FMF is a lil' late today. Question for today is from Aissa:

Hello Ms. Martha! 
I am a morena, with a square face and prominent jaw. When I researched on what type of make-up would be best for my face type, I found out that I should avoid dark-colored lipsticks. With that, I am thinking of purchasing a nude-colored lipstick. Can you share your best picks for nude lippies? I want to purchase one with good color payoff and staying power. I have spent so much on poor quality lipsticks and I don't want to waste my money again. :( 
Looking forward to your response, Ms. Martha. Thank you very much and I hope more blessings come your way! :) 


Hello Aissa!

We all go through that, right? I mean spending on cheap lipsticks or items and thinking that we'll save more, but in the end, we realize that they're not worth it. My mantra when it comes to buying anything is: if it's better, I'd pay the price.

Regarding your concern, Yes, certain dark- colored lipsticks can make a prominent jaw appear even bigger and wider because they amp up the lips, whereas nude- colored ones help tone down this area. Oh, just want to let everyone know that I've had a nude lipstick phase in my life. :) It's one of my favorite lip colors aside from Red and Fuchsia, and I think you've just approached the right person! :D

Anyway, I'd like to share my top 5 premium nude lipstick choices after the cut.

- Most morenas have pigmented lips, and this nutty brown lipstick covers it up without that unnatural look. If you have brownish lips, I suggest you go for this shade.

- This nude is good for daily use because it's a latte kind of brown: Gives your lips that nude look, but doesn't completely conceal 'em.

- A very pale peach/beige shade that's good for summer or casual days because it's a lil' glossy and looks very fresh.

- It's so sad that YSL had to be pulled out from the country-I think they have the most moisturizing matte lipsticks around. Rouge Pur still remains as my fave YSL lip product, and Hazelnut 147 is one of my favorite shades from the said line. It's a midtone beige shade swirled with light peach that fares well on morena skin tone. The nearest country to the Philippines that carries YSL is Hong Kong. :)

Hey! I also have budget- friendly but good choices too! :)

- This desert brown lipstick compliments golden skin a lot, thanks to its deep brown shade.

How about something nude, but not necessarily brown?

- This nice, nude coral lipstick gives you luscious looking lips, and makes gives you that summery vibe too! It's great for the office or school. :)

- Still, if you want something brownish, go for Creme Brulee-I think it's a cheaper counterpart of MAC's Freckletone. :)

That's all and I hope you enjoyed this list! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you for answering my query, Ms. Martha! I'll check out your recommendations. God bless! :)

  2. Goodness.. It was a good thing someone asked this.. I have been a nude lover and majority of my lippies are shades of nudes and browns (aside from those experimental lipsticks which came with my beauty boxes subscriptions).
    As least now, I have a reference for next hauls...

  3. very timely!! Nakaktuwa naman!! I am really looking for reviews of best lippies to wear na bagay sa morena like mine. Thanks so much, I am gonna go ahead and look for a MAC Freckleton..

  4. Me too! I'd rather spend lot just for that HiGH QUALITY and LONG LASTING lipstick, than getting less expensive but low quality... Mac and Revlon have great lip products!

  5. nude lippies are my pick when i already have colored or dark eyeshadow makeup, plus it makes you look fresh and light!

  6. Aissa: You're welcome! :)

    Jerlyn: Yup, that's really the standard. Dark eyes=light makeup to balance your look. :)

    Hazel: Agree! :)

    Winnie and Leilani: Wee! Glad this post has helped you. :)

  7. hi ms m! i love your lotd posts kahit yung mga unang unang post pa.. bihira aq mkkita n gmgmit k ng nude lippies mostly are red pinks lalo na ang fushia.. yay dmi nyo nga nito hehe.. at dto s pic nakayounger look pla ang nude lippies.. my current nude lippie is sierra of nyx aniDd i love it

  8. Hi Miss Martha! What lippie are you wearing on the first photo! you looks so fresh! :)

  9. What's your blush color here, Ms Martha? So gorg!!!

  10. Omg YSL! Maganda rin #2 Sensual Silk!

  11. Cristine: MAC Blush Ombre in Springshine. It's a very old blush na. :)

    Stephanie: Thanks for the recommendation! :)

    Issa: That's MAC in Fresh brew. :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing! :D


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