I'm giving away P2,500.00 worth of Pond's products on Instagram :)

Got news that Pond's has recently launched a new shade of their Flawless White BB+ Cream called Beige, which is supposedly more Asian skin tone- friendly. Managed to get a few samples and I think this shade suits me well than the previous one! Will be reviewing it soon.

Speaking of Pond's, I have a quick Pond's giveaway on my Instagram page (thebeautyjunkee) and the prices at stake are....


These aren't the exact products in the loot though-just want to show you how much Pond's products you can take home with P2,500.00! But I think you'll get samples of the new BB+ Cream shade too! :)

Here are the easy peasy mechanics:

1. Follow me on Instagram (thebeautyjunkee) and Pond's Philippines (pondsph)
2. Post your Bare Face vs. Face With Pond's BB Cream on your IG accounts. It's like this:

3. Include the hashtag #PondsBBCream. You can also add your own captions if you wish (but it's not mandatory) to embellish your post.

4. Tag my IG account in your photo.

That's all, ladies! Giveaway starts today and ends on Saturday! Good luck to all the participants! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow another giveaway on your blog/IG ms m! amazing prizes awaits!

  2. oh my..this is great..too bad I dont have a Pond's BB Cream.
    SHould I head out now and buy one? hahaha...well i just might :D

  3. Yay, I wanna take all of that home, I will join!

  4. you just also did a product review on this post :) ponds bb cream has a minimum coverage, too bad for them..

  5. When will you post the result? We cant wsit for it.... :)


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