Inglot Debuts in The Philippines: Store and Product Sneak Peek!

MAJOR YAY! One of my most favorite brands in the world, Inglot, is finally open here in the country! I've always been a Greenbelt gal, but because of Inglot, I think I'll be visiting Glorietta more often! :D

Here's a lil' background about Inglot:

Inglot was founded by Mr. Wojciech Inglot, (RIP Mr. Inglot) a licensed chemist by profession who once dreamed of creating a line of affordable, professional makeup products. Now he didn't want it to be just like any other pro makeup brand-he wanted it to be made with only the finest raw materials because he believes that everyone deserves to get the value of their hard earned money. Inglot has been around for 30 years and they have over 400 stores across the globe. FYI, the Philippines is the second country in Southeast Asia to have an Inglot distribution outlet!

95% of their products are made in Poland, in their very own factories. Inglot still remains as a family- owned company because they want to control what goes out in the market. Inglot adheres to the strict EU standards so you're sure that you're only getting the best products! All of their products are Paraben- free and cruelty- free as well.

Here's Inglot's little candy store in Glorietta 5, just right beside Starbucks. Our local store is small compared to the ones in other countries, but it's sweet and spacious enough. (as long as it's not packed with customers!) All products are within reach. You don't have to go around so much to test all the stuff! FYI, Inglot designed the store!

Check out the candies err...I mean makeup after the break! :D

Good news, ladies. We have almost every single Inglot item here-that's part of their condition with Laverne Luxury Group Corporation, the official distributors of Inglot in the Philippines.

Major heart attack awaits when you scroll down- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :D

Starting off with the nail polish range. There's the regular nail lacquer line and O2M Breathable Nail Polish, one of Inglot's best- selling products. Nail polishes begin at P400.00.+

LASH BAR! They have natural to avant garde lashes, and prices begin at P300.00.

I cried when I saw this lipstick counter (lol)-THERE'S JUST TOO MANY AND THEY'RE SOOO PRETTY! There are over 100 lipstick shades, and the slim tubes on top are the Sleeks, a range of lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. Whatever shade and finish you have in mind, you can find it in Inglot's lipstick range. I even saw a white lipstick! Lipsticks are around P700.00.

Every person who commented on my Instagram (thebeautyjunkee) account have more or less mentioned the Freedom Palette-because Inglot's globally known for it. The Freedom System (where the Freedom Palette is a component) gives you the liberty to customize your palette and choose your own  products and colors-There are lip, eye, cheek, face, and brow products for this. According to Inglot, you can create 3 Trillion combinations with the Freedom System. *GASPS

Eyeshadow prices begin at P375.00.

Here's the Freedom Palette I customized: (From left to right) Blush, Concealer, Brow, and Eyeshadow!

Here's another variation. From left to right: Blush, Rainbow Eyeshadow, and single eyeshadows.

Pigments, anyone? Inglot has a vast range of Pure Pigments that allow you to customize your own product-they have colors from neon to neutral. There's a product called Duraline that serves as a mixing solution for the pigments. They also have eye liners, brow pencils, eye primers, and gel liners (my current fave!) in the selection.

Because it's foundation day! Check out Inglot's MASSIVE base makeup display. :) Foundations range from P1,100.00-P1,500.00.

We have a cream-liquid foundation and my favorite, YSM (or Young Skin Makeup) foundation.

AMC (which stands for Advanced Makeup Components) foundation is their HD Foundation. Morenas like me won't have a trouble finding a shade! Even very dark- skinned gals will find a match!

Here's the AMC Face and Body Bronzer, which can also serve as a foundation. It's like MAC's Face and Body Foundation.

If you don't want to get a palette for your blush, you can go for these pre- selected blush shades in screw- top pans. However, they don't have eyeshadows that come in solid pans-you'd need to purchase a Freedom Palette to house them. Blush prices begin at P500.00+.

Inglot's also known for their makeup brushes! We have all the brushes here, and the most expensive is around P2,000.00 only, I believe.

As if makeup wasn't enough to keep us high during the event! We all took home our own Cronuts courtesy of Bronuts!

With Alyanna Martinez, Sabs Hernandez, Chief Makeup Artist for Inglot Philippines Mickey See, and Chase Chua. Such gorgeous people! :)

I'd like to introduce everyone to Pauline Laverne Lim and Hazel Laverne Lim, the ladies (together with Michelle Laverne Lim and Stephanie Borbe) who brought this fabulous brand to the country. Happy to have helped you in this event! :)

Inglot's official price list and comprehensive product list to follow on my blog. For now, visit INGLOT PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more info and follow them on Instagram (@inglotph).

ALERT: Inglot's official opening is on November 30! Don't forget to visit their flagship store at the ground floor of Glorietta 5, Makati City!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh my gulay!!! I much...especially the freedom palette. I can chooose the colors that I want...unlike preset palettes, sometimes, we dont actually get to use or finish some of the shades. sayang lang...

    why do they have to be in manila only :( hopefully they would open a branch near here or at least in alabang ...

    you were right...i almost fainted with all the pictures... :D

  2. My goodness this is a fantasy land. If I die now I hope my nirvana would be something like this place.

  3. huwaaa i heard inglot's makeup products are so great! especially their nude makeup product, you can also customized your own palette if you want.

  4. OMG, those freedom palettes!!! I have read a lot of raves about INGLOT and i am really dying to get myself some of their products.

  5. *Drools*. Haha Can't wait for my bonus! I'll raid this store.

  6. Having a freedom palette (like palettes from MK, and Shu's) is so much fun to customize! You can pic all the shades you want and you're good to go =)

    Ive first know INGLOT via blogspot i think it was year 2010-2011 and now they're finally here in our country..

    talagang its more fun in the philippines hihi

  7. i got crazy reading this posts! There's a lot of colors to choose from! and I love the freedom palette! i think i'm going to have a hard time choosing from those because I want all! :)

  8. information overloaded!! i guess 1 hour is not enough for me to spend inside their boutique plus i would really overspend on my budget with these products! such a holy grail..! please do a product review on your favorite ones :)

  9. Cee: I could feel you, Cee! :D

    Winnie: LOL! Yes, that's the cool thing about the Freedom palette. You're sure that you can get your money's worth! I think they're going to have an e-commerce site. :)

    Rhain: Yeah! And it's also confirmed that H&M will be opening here in Manila by next year. Now I don't want to live anywhere else anymore haha! :D

    Issa: LOL! Also had the same experience when I was in the store. For a moment, I've been very confused!

    Ravene: Same! I just got my paycheck. Good luck to me haha!

    Jerlyn: True! You really have to prepare yourself if you're gonna go there. :D

    Haziest: The eyeshadows are the best- sellers. :)

    Leilani: Please visit the store! You'll love it there! :)

  10. I cried when I saw the lineup of lipsticks and eyeshadows. I want to go out to the store now but it's only 4:45 am. Lol


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