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Here's a review on Maybelline Rocket Mascara

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I kept thinking real hard why this thing was called Rocket. Maybe it is because of the shape of the tube? Not really because Maybelline Colossal is in the same tube, but named Colossal. After a few uses, I've come to realize why: Rocket gives you thick-to-thin lashes, which is pretty much like the shape of a rocket. Doesn't sound too nice for something that promises intense volume, eh? The effect is actually nice, and the succeeding photos will show you why later.


Rocket is the newest mascara by Maybelline and it promises to deliver clump- free, 8x volume to your lashes. Formula is waterproof and locally, we have one shade, Black.

Rocket boasts of its new patented jumbo brush that's supposed to volumize your lashes in one coat. I've had my fair share of using this kind of wand and I can say that I still like the performance of traditional wands with nylon bristles better. With this wand, I get semi- defined lashes initially, but the significant volumizing effect takes place by the second coat. Texture is soft mousse and it dries efficiently and true to its claim, I didn't get clumpy lashes from it.

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Bare lashes

First coat

Second coat

Third coat

To expound further on my thick-to-thin statement, Rocket gives your thicker lashes at the base and sleeker tips so you won't get that spider legs look-this is what I like about it. Drying time is pretty fast, but you have enough time to even out the coverage. Nope, it doesn't feel sticky and doesn't weigh my lashes down.

It doesn't flake and despite its waterproof formula, it dissolves easily with eye makeup remover.

This is a nice mascara, but I do think it has its limitations. I did an experiment and applied it on my very short and sparse lower lashes and it clumped like crazy. The wand (and any mascara with this type of wand for that matter) is not friendly to all sorts of lash types. It works best on those with considerably long lash strands (like mine). I'm just glad that in the end, I still got what I wanted from this mascara and that is good volume.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. bababoom lashes ms m! perfect volume you've got here for only 300php! amazing!

  2. I was happy when I read that it can be removed easily, but unfortunately, I don't have long lashes. Err. I still wanna give this a try. I like that it dries quickly. I'm kinda impatient waiting for my make-up to dry/set in. Lol

  3. Maybelline is a trend setter brand for mascara, what's your favorite among them?

  4. Whenever I try to buy Maybelline mascara, I keep talking to myself because I cannot decide which mascara will I buy, ang dami kasing variety. I thought of buying this Rocket Maybelline mascara, but when I read your review, now I am hesitant. Thank you for this review. :)

  5. GAAAHH!!! Love this so much! Bought it at around August when it was just new here. But I do hate how the wand is so pointy and pricks my eye a lot. :( Huhu.

  6. I think I've tried every kind of Maybelline mascara there was ever released since I learned how to put it on, it is quite essential for me and my short and sparse lashes. When this came out, I was really hoping to score the ROCKET from my BDJBOX but got the Falsies instead. It looks like I may need to buy this from Watsons or the department store. Glad to know this one's very affordable, too! yayyy! Love the volume it gave your lashes, sis! VERY NICE!

  7. I have to agree with you Ms M., i don't quite like the wand. I got this just last week, and I was excited to see if its any better. Sadly, I still like the Falsies better. I'll try to see if I'll get good results if I do 3 coats like you did... But I'm confused, the Saleslady told me this is smudge-proof but not waterproof. Hmm.

  8. I wanna try it! I just emptied my mascara so I need a new one. This one looks good. Will buy it soon.

  9. i like the packaging and how it lengthens your eyelashes. I have seen his in SM now i regret why i dd not buy it. thanks for this review,

  10. One of my essentials are mascaras, among eyeliners and a face powder and lippie. As an engineer, I couldn't put too much makeup since cosmetics are not allowed in the shop floor...
    I got this mascara from the BDJ Box and was really happy.. I dont mind experimenting on different mascaras.. in fact, I got a lot of empty tubes from different brands.
    I can say that I love this better than the hypercurl since the hypercurl tends to clump if you are not fast enough :D
    Thanks for the review by the way :)

  11. aaack! the finish looks to fake after the third coat, will skip this lng. ^_^

  12. Ay I was planning to buy this pa naman. But now I'm having second thoughts. I'll buy the lengthening mascara instead! Thanks for this! :)

  13. AJ: Welcome! :)

    Hollie: LOL. :D It's okay to me, but of course, we all have our opinion. :)

    Winnie: Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts too :)

    Pink: Cool! Hope you'll like it. :)

    Leilani: You're welcome. :)

    Anj: Hi and welcome to my blog! As for me, I'm still a Colossal and Great Lash gal! :D

    Maria: Let me know how you like /hate it! :)

    Raven: LOL, happens to me sometimes too. :p

    Judy: Maybelline's Magnum is good though, and hypercurl!

    Jerlyn: Hypercurl, colossal, and great lash. :)

    Rizza: I think you'll fare better with Lash Stiletto or Magnum. :)


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