Revlon Lash Potion Grow Luscious Mascara in Blackest Black

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Price: Around P600.00
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The thing with Revlon is, they've been around for so long yet they manage to keep up with the trends. Mascaras, lately, are starting to become 'skin care- based' and of course, Revlon is never the one who'll be left behind-they came up with their own version called Lash Potion Grow Luscious Mascara.


Lash Potion Grow Luscious is a volumizing and lengthening mascara formulated with Amino Acids and proteins that strengthen and condition lashes overtime. It comes in three colors: Blackest Black, Black, and Blackened Brown, and in two formulas: Washable and Waterproof.

A colorful mascara tube? One please! By far, this is the grooviest mascara packaging I've seen. :)

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The wand has three grooves that promise a clump- free application. I get a virtually clump- free finish with this one, (except if there's a blob on the wand and I accidentally apply it on my lashes) and I can layer on the length and volume flawlessly with its evenly- spaced bristles. Consistency of the mascara is a thick, spreadable wet mousse and it clings easily onto my lashes, albeit it may look a lil' clumpy on virtually non-existent lashes. It has this strong mascara smell, but doesn't emit a vapor that stings the eyes. (Mascara fans will get this) 


Bare lashes

One coat

Two coats

Three coats

Blackened Black is my fave because finish is such a striking black and lookie, it has darkened my base quite nicely and made me look as if I have really lush lashes. I get decent length and volume from it-it's not too overwhelming, but still manages to enhance my eyes effectively. The formula I have is Waterproof and it stays intact all day without smudging and flaking, but removes fairly easily with an eye makeup remover without leaving any residue. Consistency is pretty impressive because whenever I have this mascara on, my lashes feel light, pliable, and soft and methinks it kinda' lessens the risk of lash fall and breakage during removal.

To be honest, I've never liked Revlon's mascaras before, but looks like they're continuously improving it. Lash Potion's effect kinda reminds me of Chanel Inmitable. I guess this product will suit those with sensitive lashes due to its gentle, caring formula, and those who prefer average length and volume. Get Blackest Black for deeper, sultrier eyes! :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love this mascara if only for the funky packaging! I'd have to agree that this has a tendency to clump on sparse lashes as personal experience has shown me. Applied carefully, however, it yields volumized and lengthened lashes.

    The only thing that I've never really liked til now is it smudges on me after about 2 hours or in an exceptionally humid day.

  2. Great.. I love mascaras.. I have a different one everytime since I am always on the hunt for a good. It is a good thing that I no longer need a curlash anymore even though my lashes are a bit sparse and not that long).. They kinda bend on their own when mascara is what I look for now is volume :)
    Thanks for the heads up...might actually try this myself.. would go to the nearest booth and try it out before I buy one...

  3. Great review! I also think that in terms of drug store mascara, Maybelline is more popular and gives a better quality as compared to Revlon's... Revlon is more into Lip products and face products.... This mascara looks great though but I can't notice the vast difference in terms of its lengthening effect... So I still go for Maybelline's :) yaaay

  4. volume and length in one? bravo! and yes, the packaging really looks attractive, it's like calling you and saying 'own me' haha

  5. Catchy name. Your lashes really thickened by the last picture. Cool! But I would still go for Maybelline if only for price comparison vs effectivity though I do try to buy new mascaras to try them out.

    In your own opinion do you prefer this or the Majolica you featured?


  6. i havent wearing mascara lately since i am so fond of wearing falsies... I am actually thinking of what mascara to buy between this and maybelline volum express..undecided.... ;(

  7. Leilani: I'd suggest go for Maybelline Volum because it's good and very affordable :D

    Flynster: Still Majolica! :)

    Hazel: That is so true-Revlon performs better in the face and lip makeup department. But this mascara's not so bad. :)

    Winnie: Oh I wish I have your lashes. Mine still needs to be curled! :)

    Jen: Awww...It doesn't smudge on me though. Anyway, try Maybelline. Their waterproof formula is tried and tested. :)

  8. I haven't tried Revlon's but this looks like a reliable product. Good thing it's also waterproof 'coz I prefer wearing waterproof mascara. And the packaging is hip, it reminds me of partying.


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