Sumptuous Sundays: Slappy Cakes

Yesterday was my cheat day and I craved for pancakes and Slappy Cakes was the best option.

Slappy Cakes is your good ol' breakfast restaurant, but the star of their menu are pancakes that you can personalize and cook right in front of you. They have a branch in SM Aura and Eastwood City.

PRICE RANGE: Pancake and toppings prices are available by request; Appetizers, Salads, and Soups start at P250.00+; Breakfast Meals start at P290.00+; Main Course starts at P290.00+

This is Teppanyaki the way Americans want it! Every table has a stove and griddle where you shall cook ye pancakes. Click READ MORE for my experience, and to know my thoughts on their best- sellers.

I was too tired and hungry to personalize my pancakes from scratch so I went for the suggestion in the menu called Blueberry and Lemon Curd Pancakes. They also have Whole Grain options for the pancake for those who are conscious of what they eat. Every topping isn't for free, so careful when asking for it or else, you might end up paying for a lot!

And the pancake cooking begins. Boy, it was a good way to forget about my hunger. :) The activity was very entertaining, not to mention the pancake batter cooks easily.

The Blueberry and Lemon Curd combo was very nice! I ordered Maple Syrup and butter to neutralize the citrusy taste. Besides, pancake isn't complete without these two classic ingredients!

Tomato Soup- Hearty, healthy, but non-heavy soup that's good for two. It has this yummy smoky flavor.

Southern Chicken Tenders- This is also good for two. It comes with deep fried potatoes and cream and ham sauce where you dip the chicken tenders. I like the Buttermilk coating of the chicken, but the chicken itself tastes a little bland and dry.

Pasta With Meat Sauce- This is my mom's order and I ended up liking it more than the Chicken Tenders. It reminded me so much of Makati Supermarket's spaghetti, the undisputed spaghetti bolognese recipe. (Do you still remember this?)

Round 2! Mom drew a star (which is unfortunately deformed haha!) and I drew a cat, an ode to my beloved Siamese. :)

If you love Pancakes and drawing, you should try this place. However, I felt that the main courses lacked a nice presentation and quality was just okay. I'd still go back for the spaghetti though!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My daughter would sure love this not to mention the experience of cooking her own breakfast..
    Anyway, we have the double-sided grill pan where the other side is flat. MIght do that at home for bonding time.. I never thought using the squeeze container to deposit the batter in the pan.. (why didn't I think of that?).. less messy that way.. At least I had an idea what to do next..
    Too bad the pace is far away from our home, would like at least to experience it :D

  2. hmmm this is fun ms m =) gonna draw hearts and ball! hihi =)

    yum yum i love blueberries!!!

  3. I love pancakes so when I heard they're opening up a pancake place, I was super excited! Hihi.. While I love the pancake batter, medyo nakakaumay din pala sya since ang dami. LOL
    I had the breakfast platter when we first visited Slappy Cakes, super dami nya! Though okay naman yung taste. However, their hot choco is somewhat disappointing. It's just so-so, I was expecting something special since i ordered the extra creamy one.

  4. I really like the idea of cooking your own food. you can design the pancake the way you like it, nakakatuwa, for sure kids will enjoy the setup. the pasta with meat sauce , yum yum, i am a sucker for pasta since birth, hihi.

  5. Hazel: Yes it is! :D

    Leilani: Yeah, especially pancakes. love the sweet buttermilk scent that emanates from the griddle. :D

    Anne: Seems a lot, but the buttermilk bottle can only make around four pancakes haha. :p

    Winnie: Had the same thoughts too. I had a Eureka moment when the waiter served the batter in a bottle. I was like, why didn't I think of this? I've been cooking pancakes for years now! :p


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