I miss you old skin! :(

Epic skin is great-looking skin. Yeah, I’ve heard that before, but never really paid much attention to it as I was born with an almost flawless facial skin until Adult Acne hit me. All of a sudden, I’d get crazy bumps on my cheeks and chin often-they’re controllable though, but you’d really recognize that I’m breaking out because the smooth parts of my skin seem to highlight all these flaws! I’ve been dealing with Adult Acne for two years now and I could say that it really diminished my confidence in myself--sometimes, it could get crazy that I’d think twice about blogging skin care reviews because my skin is not at its best and I would evade photo ops because I’m worried to death that the lighting might enhance my bumps! Oh, Acne, why do you have to be so cruel!?

At least Mother Nature has epic solutions to epic problems-she sure knows how to take care of us! For two years now, I’m a religious user of all things Salicylic Acid, this natural wonder that is downright effective when it comes to battling acne-it’s also the only treatment that my skin responds to. All the efforts I’ve spent in using Salicylic Acid- based products have finally paid off because my Adult Acne now is more controllable than ever. Salicylic Acid is perhaps the most affordable pimple- buster and you can readily purchase it anywhere in products such as Garnier Pure Active range.

Garnier is a leading European skin care brand that’s known for utilizing the healing powers of nature in their products.  Pure Active range is meant for Asian Acne- prone skin and has a fairly high concentration of Salicylic Acid to combat the 6 signs of Acne: Whiteheads, oiliness, pimples, uneven texture, enlarged pores, and impurities. It features HerbaRepair, an extract from Blueberry that aids in repairing and rejuvenating the skin. It also claims to minimize redness and fade out acne marks.


The first facial scrub of Garnier that contains Salicylic Acid and Herbarepair. Deep cleans and evens out skin texture at the same time. I’ve finished a tube before and I could attest that with continued use, it really helps ripe zits dry up fast!


Contains a concentrated amount of purifying Salicylic Acid and HerbaRepair to visibly fight acne, oiliness, enlarged pores and rough skin texture day after day.


Its cooling action and maximum strength Salicylic Acid content allowed for the mass market helps dry up pimples immediately.

Thanks to Salicylic Acid, I’m slowly regaining the confidence I’ve once lost so I can face my daily adventures with much enthusiasm and delight. It’s not yet perfect, but I have no choice but to face life! Here are some of my epic experiences lately:

Shopping in Sydney with my mother. David Jones was heaven for us! Harsh lighting hitting my face here, but I’m not afraid of it anymore!

A visit to the epic Bondi Beach. Skin’s looking pretty good and a selfie was just called for! :D

Seeing the epic Sydney Opera House was nothing short of an epic experience!

At the grounds of the sacred Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

Epic doesn’t have to be grand always. Here’s a photo I took last Sunday in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Sitting on the crisp- smelling grass and just thinking about nothing was the simple but perfect idea of an epic relaxation for me.

Do you have your own epic experiences lately? Share them with Garnier in their Face The Epic contest and you might just win one of their EPIC prizes! Here are the mechanics:

1. Contestants must be at least 18 years old to qualify.
2. To join, contestants must submit an epic photo or an epic 15-sec. video. In the caption of their photo or video, they must state why Garnier Pure Active helps them put their best face forward in their epic adventures.
3. Users must upload their entries via:
FACEBOOK- to qualify, Facebook users must submit their photos and videos on Garnier Philippines Facebook Fan Page and hashtag #FaceTheEpic.
INSTAGRAM- To qualify, users must post their photo/video and hashtag #FaceTheEpic. For private accounts, contestants must go to the Facebook app on the Garnier Facebook Page and click "Private Instagram account? Sign in here."
4. All entries will be screened and can be viewed on the Facebook app. Garnier Philippines and Georgina Wilson will award the top three epic moments with the following:

A.) Tickets for two (2) to Justin Timberlake's 20/20 concert in Seattle (Inclusive of round- trip flight tickets, accommodations, and P20,000.00 pocket money. Winners should secure their own passport and VISA.)
B.) Trip to Bali, Indonesia for four (4) (Inclusive of round- trip flight tickets, accommodations, and P10,000.00 pocket money. Winners must secure their own passport and VISA)
C.) P100,000.00 worth of consumables at URBN. 

5. Winners will be announced on the Garnier Philippines official fan page on December 16, 2013.

Epic prizes are EPIC. Allow me to daydream for a bit and say that I want to win all the prizes! LOL. It would be nice to see Justin Timberlake perform live and visit the Space Needle at the same time in Seattle, then head to Bali, meet up with friends, and explore the city (and beaches too!), then go back to Manila and party some more in URBN. I could imagine how awesome that would be!

So face the epic now or never-life is just so good (despite imperfections and all) to miss and to not capture every single moment. Again, the winners will be announced on DECEMBER 16, 2013 so you still have time to join! I hope you guys will join because the prizes are so cool! Do let me know if any of you guys win-I’d love to congratulate you and see your epic photos or videos! :D

Please visit GARNIER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more updates about the contest, or contact them via email (consumer.care@ph.loreal.com) and landline. ((02) 672-7272)

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Garnier Philippines and The Beauty Junkee

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  1. the prizes were epic indeed! gotta take a lot of epic pictures now! :) I love garnier even more because of this. lol. :))

    Hope i can also experience to travel around the world like you ms. martha.

  2. Whoa! Epic is epic.. I would love to si JT! I wanna join! :DD

  3. Let me say this...this is the most epic story that I have epically had gone through and this is an equally epic offer from a very epic brand (not sure if the words taken from epic are actually legit..lol)...
    I hate selfies (because not too confident yet with what I look like because of my epic chubbiness :D) but I would really like to join...oh well, if I couldn't, I might ask my sister to join.. she would definitely love this offer..
    thanks for the info :D

  4. I remember two years ago I have tried the Garnier rollon for undereyes, it didnt work for me, but these pics make me wanna give garnier a second chance,. maybe there was something wrong on the way I used it. I would like to join the contest, i hope to win :)


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