FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: The Beauty Junkee's Top products of all time

How's Friday going on for everybody? If you've noticed, I'd always ask how you guys are in most of my FMF posts because that's how I really am. I like checking on people and I think I'll be an awesome mom! Haha!

Our Fan Mail Fridays query is from Denise:

Hi Martha! 
I hope you can make blog post with all your top favorites in it like top foundation, top powder, etc. I love you so much and I really trust you when it comes to picking brands! 

Hello Denise!

I love you too! :D Thanks for trusting my opinion as well. All my favorites? Hmmm...that means I'd have to make three blog posts for that! LOL! Instead, I just curated a list based on the products I use everyday and my preferred brands for them.


- I think everyone loves MAC's lipsticks and I am proudly one of them! It's my first- ever premium lipstick and they've got my most favorite color lipstick color, Russian Red.


- I'm a fan of anything luxe so this product is really right up my alley. Not only that, it made my hair incredibly smooth through religious usage. Been using it for almost two years now!


- I don't know why, but my vain hair seems to approve almost all of Kerastase's products-it stays very manageable that's why even when it comes to cleansing, I go for this brand.

More of my faves after the jump!


- Still a Nivea gal when it comes to body moisturizers and this particular variant, Express Hydration, is my perennial fave because it just goes deep down into the skin and doesn't make my skin feel sticky!


- I've mused why I love this product for numerous times already so I think I don't need to explain why anymore. :D


- I tend to jump from one rinse- off facial cleanser to another, but I always find myself repurchasing this thing-because it keeps that pesky hormonal acne at bay!


- The Ultra Facial Cream, in particular, is my absolute favorite because despite its cream formula, it's more hydrating than moisturizing. That said, it's a perfect match for my oily skin.


- One of the reasons why I want some company to bring Illamasqua to the Philippines is because of this foundation. It's full coverage but feels so light yet covers discolorations incredibly. It has this nice popcorn scent too. :)


- I'm not really a fragrance snob, but this is the perfume that I keep on repurchasing because it's light and perfect for our weather, but doesn't smell generic and too young for my taste. Other than that, my BF loves this scent on me too. :D


- So affordable, but oil control is so good! Bought three back ups of this because it's always sold out in Watsons!


- Bobbi Brown, in my opinion, has the most flattering blush shades ever. :)


- Aside from Colossal, Great Lash is my most favorite mascara too.


- I've been using it consistently for 5 months now and I've noticed that my lips don't become too dry unlike before. It's made from essential oils instead of wax and petroleum, and I think this is the reason why it has improved the condition of my lips greatly. I use it every night!


- The only spot treatment that I keep on coming back to because it's the only thing that has worked consistently on me.

There you go! Hope everyone has enjoyed this post! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love this post! I want to try the Alba one. I'm also constantly switching up my facial cleansers. Woohoo. :)

  2. I've never been able to catch Fix and Matte ever! I've looked at several branches, wala talaga! But definitely, I'll get more than one when I see it!

  3. Thank you for sharing your top favorites!! :D gonna try the alba facial wash and the moisturizer, and the essence loose powder really sell like hotcakes :(

  4. Love love love this post, gives me ideas of what to try out next haha.

    Also, I feel kind've stupid for asking, but what's the difference between hydrating and moisturizing? :O

  5. i agree that eclat lanvin is really good. just bought mine last week and i can't get enough of it already.

  6. I think I wanna try the essence fix &matte!.. Its a good thing I will be having a quick trip to SM tomorrow. Will check if its available there now. Never tried it yet and never saw it before and since it is one of your favorites, then I guess it is worth to try :D

  7. Omo! Thanks for sharing your favorites ate martha! =)) Will try the Hurraw Lipbalm! ♥

  8. This is a nice blog! I also wanna try the essence translucent powder. :) I just hope it is available in watsons sm fairview.

    But if only have enough money to buy more..i also wanna spend it in bobbi brown blush. since you have started blogging your favorite brands, bobbi browns are always on top.

  9. I like to try the shiseido powder foundation. the illamasqua is new to me, I hope i can also get to try that. and since i am in quest of looking for a new loose powder to try, I will try to grab the Essence loose powder next time i go shopping. I never knew they have this! thanks to you Ms.Martha i found a new product to try nanaman

  10. hihi i agree with you ms m! lalo na on top of your list: LIPSTICK - MAC! last friday i wear PLEASE ME! it compliments well with dark smokey eyes! yay! i call pull off light pinks pala!

  11. Hi Martha! Been following your blog for some weeks now, and I'm really thankful for it! You kinda convinced me to buy Benefit! And I'm loving it!!! :)

    BTW, where can I buy Hurraw lipbalms? :) Thanks!

  12. Donna: Hi there and welcome to my blog! :) The Alba facial wash is really good. :)

    Jenn: Hello and thank you! :) Glad to know you're loving my blog. You can order Hurraw from Cutieverse. It's also available in Aura Athletica stores. :)

    Rhain: Cool! MAC is like the queen of lipsticks haha!

    Katrina: Yup, it's one of the brands that's close to my heart because the products are great, not to mention I was influenced by my mom to use it-it has this significant value to me. :D

    Leilani and Winnie: Essence powder is loooove! Good luck in finding a stock because almost every Watsons store in Manila is out of it!

    Becomingsleek: Saaameee!

    Aura: Wee! Hope you'll love 'em! :)

    Tropic Thrill: Good question. Hydrating feels like you have a veil of water on your skin, while Moisturizing feels like you have a veil of cream on your skin. The latter has a heavier feel than the former. :)

    Detsy: Cool! I still have a looot of perfumes so I prefer not buying Eclat for now. :p

    LA: Welcome! :)

  13. Bobbi Brown blushes are something else. I never go to the counter to look for something bold or trendy, but I do go to get solid staples. My favorite everyday makeup comes from Bobbi Brown, and I'm a huge fan of her methods and beautification philosophy. It also helps that the SAs/MUAs are well-trained in dishing out recommendations, so I trust their suggestions wholeheartedly. (Yun lang nga, some BB MUAs strike me as a little snobby sometimes.)


Thank you for your comments!