FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Liquid Foundation VS. BB Cream

Eeeep! The year is finally coming to an end so I'm starting now to draft the candidates for THE HIT LIST: TOP BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR 2013 blog posts. Who's excited for the awarding? They'll be up next week! :)

Anyway, I'm ending this week on a sweet note with a question from Dessa. She asks:

Hi Martha! 
Liquid Foundation vs. BB Cream? With all the different beauty products out there which one should we really invest on? I myself am not a make up person, I normally just put on lipstick and define my eyebrows. But after moisturizing, is it better to use BB cream to even out my skin or use a liquid foundation? 

Hi Dessa!

Awesome query! Regarding on which base product is better, I say it all depends on your preference and skin concerns. There's no superior product between the two, really, because they both have their own specific functions and address different skin dilemmas. I made a mini checklist so you'll have a better understanding of both products and to help you decide which of the two you should get.

A BB Cream, basically, is somewhat like a tinted moisturizer because almost all of them have light to medium coverage. The difference, however, is the former has treatment benefits such as anti-aging, hydrating and whitening aside from sun protection.

BB Cream is for you if:

- You want skin- like coverage
- You have dry/normal skin
- You want a product that's predominantly skin care- based than makeup
- You want an all-in-one base makeup
- You don't have too much discolorations to deal with
- You dislike the feeling that you have a layer of makeup on your skin
- Your day-to-day activity is pretty basic like going to school or going to work

Foundation, I believe, is just plain makeup as its sole purpose is to cover discolorations and give you a second skin effect. While you're waiting for your skin care products to deliver their promises, foundation will be there to make you feel a lil' confident about your skin.

Foundation is for you if:

- You have scars, marks, and other kinds of hyperpigmentation that are affecting the way you see your skin and your look
- You have oily/normal/combination skin (Because most foundation products are formulated to withstand sebum)
- You are photographed most of the time
- You always go to special occasions and events
- You just want to sport better- looking skin

Personally, I prefer foundation because my skin is not perfect and I always have important meetings and events to go to. Besides, foundations nowadays are more or less infused with skin care benefits-they have the same effects as BB Creams now, but with better coverage.

Hope you found this informative. An awesome weekend to everyone! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. There was a time i got addicted to BB Creams! But now I'm back to using foundation. I need more coverage cos of my acne marks. Anyway, great comparison, Martha :)

  2. I love bb creams! So far the best ones I've used are Missha's Pore Cover & Holika Holika petit in clearing bb cream. I have recommended these two many times to my friends & they loved it just as much!

    By the way, I CANNOT wait to know what your top beauty products for this year are! Definitely watching out for that! xx

  3. I love bb creams. But they needed to be topped with powder so that it won't look dewey. On the other hand, foundation rarely needs powder. Great post!


  4. Hazel: Thanks dear! :)

    Zoe: Yup, that's correct. For foundation, they still need to be set with powder though esp. the liquid ones. :)

    Jemimah: Thanks dear! :)

  5. Yay! Another Fan Mail! :) Bb Cream lover here ! :D BB cream is so much simpler and convenient than foundation. :)

  6. Lately, I have strayed a bit to my foundations, i love using bb creams since they are not heavy on skin. I just use foundations when I like full coverage.

  7. Hi ms. Martha! I have a question, can I use BB cream then layer it with foundation?? That's fine namn dba?? TIA for the reply! XOXO

  8. Thanks for posting this, i never knew that there was a comparison between the two. :) after reading this, I can say that BB cream suits me.

  9. I prefer foundation too. If people want lightweightness, madami nang lightweight foundations these days. And the good thing about them is they have a wider color selection.

  10. Claudine: Hi dear! Yes you can. :) I think I answered that in an FMF post too. :)

    Rae: Thanks for sharing, Rae. :) That's true. I don't see the reason to dislike foundation any longer because it comes in so much variants now!

    Katrina: You're welcome. :)

  11. I use bbcream everyday and my favorite would be my etude house bright fit. I depend my spf solely on my bb cream, it has spf 30 and it covers my scars pretty well my only concern is it melts right after my first class. It just stays on for 2 hours and though i top it with my ben nye banana powder it would still be gone by 2hrs.


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