Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Upgrade 12 HD Liquid Foundation in Honey Review

Here's a review on Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Upgrade 12 HD Liquid Foundation in Honey.

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Okay, that interrogation may have shocked you for a bit 'cuz I know you're all in chill mode right now. Haha! So let's just chill here on my blog and talk about Krave's Upgrade HD 12 Liquid Foundation. At first, I wondered why it's called as such-I immediately thought that it's gonna give me 12 times the effect and finish of a regular HD foundation. Well, I was wrong. :p 12 stands for its whopping 12 skin- loving extracts.


This foundation, without a doubt, is a skin care- based product-actually, it's more skin care than makeup to me. It claims to whiten, lift, and nourish skin, which makes it apt for those who are problematizing dry, dull, sagging, and hyperpigmented skin. The 12 star ingredients of this product are as follows:

1. Licorice Root Extract- whitening
2. Ceramide- aids in decreasing melanin and rebalances dermal cells
3. Grapeseed Extract- Antioxidant
4. Antarcticine- helps skin retain moisture
5. Hyaluronic Acid- Locks in moisture and prevents water loss
6. Biopeptide CL- messenger peptide for collagen renewal
7. Pepha-Tight- same function as Biopeptide CL
8. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid- antioxidant, whitening, and increases collagen activity
9. Coenzyme Q10- prevents photodamage
10. Wheat Germ Oil- repairs damaged skin
11. Tornare- boosts skin elasticity and retains moisture
12. Horus Sake Lees Extract- Derived from Sake. Promotes cell renewal

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Bottle is sturdy enough, although I am not quite fond of the overall design.

The pump is my favorite part of the packaging though, as it dispenses the right amount of product, is so easy to maneuver, and doesn't get pressed down easily, thus no risk of spillage.

This foundation only has two shades: Almond (For fair skin) and Honey (For medium to dark skin). Obviously, my shade match is Honey, but I find it a lil' too fair for my morena skin-it will fit medium skin tone only, or NC35 and NC40 (MAC's shade system) for your reference. One commendable thing about this product is it is extremely light and hydrating, and so easy to spread and sets pretty quickly. Coverage is light to medium, formula is unscented, and finish is dewy.

The thing is, payoff is very much like BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer to me, so I can't really classify this as an HD foundation-you'd still need concealer to cover up dark circles and facial spots. Lucky you if you have an almost perfect skin to begin with as it will more or less appear full coverage and somewhat 'HD' on you.


Bare skin with Zero Kuma Concealer and Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer

Two layers of the foundation

It's a lil' light on me, but I like its illuminating effect and how it has evened out my skin tone naturally. I also find it a lil' streaky so the best tool to use on it is a fluffy foundation brush to blur out the streakiness. If you want to achieve a fuller coverage with this, use a slim foundation brush like Charm's Angled Foundation Brush. It also has a tendency to crease on lines so be sure to set it with a good setting powder!

I use it on very casual days due to the finish. I can also see myself using it during summer (especially on the beach) because it's super light and non- clogging, and keeps my skin soft and soothed all day. Heck, I can even apply powder foundation on top of it and na-ah, it won't feel heavy. However, it doesn't keep oil at bay and fades away after a couple of hours. At least it doesn't aggravate oiliness! I just feel that it's too expensive at P985.00-if the coverage, shade range, and staying power were better, I'd gladly repurchase because I love the fact that it's overflowing with skin care ingredients. I also wish they'd add sunscreen in it. I guess this product is best for those who want an all- natural foundation, a foundation that feels like moisturizer, like literally and those with a few blemishes and hyperpigmentation to deal with.


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  1. Ohh... I expected a lot from it. Nagbabalak pa naman ako bumili nyan. Pero nanghihinayang ako kasi sobrang mahal. Hindi dn pala ganun kaganda. Maganda siguro kung partner mo ng loose powder nila. But it will cost a lot na. >_<

  2. It is a little bit pricey. I think I would stick to my maybelline foundation. But a nice review. :))

  3. Nice Review Ms. Martha :). I was planning to buy this but thanks to you I think I'm gonna pass to this now! But I love their Mascara! :D

  4. This liquid foundation is okay but regarding the price, i would rather buy known and cheaper foundations like revlon, l'oreal, etc. thanks for sharing this!

  5. I had been meaning to ask before , I just tend to forget (being the ignoramus that I am with makeup :D), how do you get the foundation shade that is apt for you? (NC???)
    sorry :D

  6. I see this Krave Minerale on my newsfeed alot lately. When I checked, grabe mahal. Pero I am really curious to try this foundation.


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