MAC Goodies are here + Winner of MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

I left my house veeerrryy early last Saturday because I got an sms alert from Globe regarding this Private Sale for Globe Platinum members-65% off on Bottega Venetta, Emporio Armani and Gucci bags, clothes, shoes, and leathergoods. For the record, this is the only sale that made me wake up at such a very early time of the day-it doesn't happen always so I tried not to miss it. First stop was Gucci. I was hoping to score my first Gucci bag at a swell price, but dang, the line at the cashier was soooo long and the store was almost empty already! People hoarded all the discounted stuff especially the bags! Heartbroken, I went to Bottega Venetta to check but the bags were still a lil' steep for me considering that they're on sale already. Sob. 

So I went home without a bag in tow to take a bath and change my outfit. (Take note, I did not take a bath prior to leaving the house just to catch the final minutes of the sale as I woke up late. I was THAT serious! :D) When I got to my room, I saw this box waiting for me and in a snap, my sadness (sadness talaga?) went away! :D God really knows how to surprise you! :D

I will announce the winner of the MAC Girl About Town Lipstick after the break!

OMFG. MAC FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION! I was so ecstatic that I swatched it right away! There's the Girl About Town lipstick! :D

And the winner of this elusive best- seller is.....


Congratulations! Please send me your full name, complete address, and mobile no. to Thank you! :)

Thank you so much to those who joined! Seriously, I'm getting addicted to online shopping now 'cuz of GCash Amex Virtual Pay. What should I buy next? Maybe clothes and accessories?

Please visit GCASH AMEX VIRTUAL PAY to subscribe"/>

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! Congratulations to the winner! :)

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Gotta try again next time. Huhuhu want this!!

  3. congratulations to the winner :) She is so lucky!

  4. Oh we go again...another means to splurge..honestly, they are making it way too easy to buy online... :D

    I am actually pausing while typing this thinking of checking that payment method and ordering the makeup I was eyeing online for a month now :D Afraid to use my card online due to a cloned account but then again, this gave me another reason to reconsider. :D

    Congratulations to the winner by the way :D

  5. gosh! congrats to the winner... lucky girl!

  6. Isang malaking O M G! hehe. Thank you Martha! Will send you my info in a bit. Thank you guys!

  7. Nashock ako ate martha nung sinabi mo you didn't take a bath para sa sale. Ang effort! Sayang wala kang nauwi :( Anw, finally your MAC package already arrive. Review soon please! :))) Also, Congrats to the winner! ♥


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