Moringa O2 Herbal Therapy Oil + New Endorser!

I like oil- based natural products because they're purer and the benefits are more likely retained since it's not highly processed. The only downside is, they could get really expensive!

Finally, you can experience the wonders and benefits of natural oils-Moringa in particular-with Moringa O2's newest addition to the family, Herbal Hair, Scalp, and Skin Therapy Oil. It's a drugstore brand so that means you don't have to fear the price! :D

This all- over moisturizer is made up of Moringa Oil boosted with Sunflower and Olive oils to help repair the skin barrier, promote lasting moisturization, refine skin texture, ward off free radicals and certain skin bacteria, protect skin, and encourage a healthy scalp and hair growth. In short, it's a do-all oil. :D It comes in a 30ml bottle that you can lug around easily.

And guess who's endorsing this new product as well as the entire Moringa O2 range?

It's the hot, ageless Gelli De Belen. Saw her during the launch of this product and damn, she's so fit and beautiful. I also love, love, love her glowing Morena skin!

You can purchase Moringa O2 Hair, Scalp, and Skin oil in all drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets. Retail price is P99.75 only. Please visit MORINGA O2 on Facebook for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is so mura. Plan ko kasi itry ang Argan Oil dahil super dry na ng hair ko pero since this is way cheaper, ito muna ang itatry ko. Hope you can do a separated review post about this product Ms.M :)

  2. one product with so much benefits from it =) would get one and try myself.. hope hubby find more use of this =) i also want to try their body lotion =)

  3. I will definitely wait for your reviews on this one...

  4. Wow! so many benefits with this little bottle and really affordable xD Im just wating for your review Ms. Martha :))

  5. i have dandruff. i already used many anti-dandruff shampoos but it only became worst!!

    I will wait for the review! thanks.

  6. I like the Moringa toner, I just got from Sample Room yesterday. I would like to try this oil as well. Filipino made products really have a big appeal to me, I hope to also get and try this soonest :)

  7. I got mine from Sample Room. Hooray for that site!!! ..
    Anyways, I only applied it to my problem dry skin areas but stopped because I am actually making way for the argan oil I just acquired. Too many products sitting on the shelves now...Some of which would probably go to my sister.

  8. Jenny: Hi Jenny! Yes I will. :)

    Winnie: Cool! :D I actually have a lot of this product and I gave some away to my mom, cousins, and friends. :)

    Katrina: Sure thing :)

    Leilani: It's 99php only and you can find it in drugstores and department stores. :) I'm Loving the smell! :)

    Aura and Issa: Will review it soon! :)

    Rhain: The body lotion is nice! Smell is like Elizabeth Arden green tea :)

  9. I think I like this product really. I wish I could try my hands on it.


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