OOTD: Lights

During the holidays, Ayala has this daily heart-stopping lights show in Ayala Triangle Gardens. They dress up the century- old trees in the plaza area in various colored Christmas Lights that are synchronized with a musical playlist. The 5 to 8- minute show starts at 5pm and goes on until 9pm with 15-20 minute intervals in between each performance. (I think) Have you seen it? If not, you should pay a visit because it's a super cool show, especially when it's finally dark because the lights highlight the beauty of the towering trees in an artistic kind of way. :)

Here's what I wore last Sunday to see the show (for the nth time!):

Dress: H&M
Footwear: Ever New

Accessories: Fabulosa Accessories

Bag: Givenchy Pandora

Hat: Betmar

Hope to see you guys in the show! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your necklace is a beautiful mess. Please take that in a good way. I like it. Very pretty.

  2. buti pa kayo ms m eventoned! yung siko ko ang itim =( huhu how to achieve that?

    ang cute ng hat ms m =)

  3. I hope I'll see you there this week! #fangirl. Haha. My office is just across it and I haven'y seen the light show this year. I'm planning to take my son this Friday though. :)

  4. pretty as always Miss Martha! :)

  5. When I was working in Ayala I used to bring my son there. fave place yan ng son ko kahit sino magtanong sakanya sasabihin nya'Favorite ko talga dun sa park ng Ayala.' bigla ko tuloy namiss bonding time namin when i saw your pics. You look so fantastic with your dress and hat. And that bag... love the color!

  6. AS usual..Fab and Chic! I actually acquired a similar dress but since I am bit on the chubbiness side and not confident to wear again such clothing, I had purchased it for my daughter but would redo it so it would actually fit her (since it is a bit too long for a 9 year old :)
    I agree though, the necklace indeed is pretty... goes well with the dress..

  7. like your look. specially the necklace. <3 so fab.
    and summer na summer ang peg. :D

  8. Rae: Haha. of course I do. Thanks. :) That's how I like my accessories: Messy but beautiful. :D

    Katrina: True! :)

    Winnie: Thanks dear :)

    Aura: Thank you! :)

    Issa and Sincere: Thanks! :)

    Sincere: Thanks! :)

    Lucie and Anne_22: I love it too! :D Thanks!

    Rhain: I scrub it three times a week. :)

    Ravene: Awesome! Hope to see you sometime. :)


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