Sumptuous Sundays: Lugang Cafe

There's this buzz surrounding Lugang Cafe so me and my family just had to try it to know what it's all about. I've asked my friends about Lugang's best dish and a majority said it's Xiao Long Bao, or the dumpling with broth inside.

So what's Lugang Cafe? Simply put, it's a modern chinese restaurant.

PRICE RANGE: Appetizers start at P170.00; Dimsum and Soups at P220.00; Main course at P280.00; Rice at P120.00; Roasting at P380.00; Noodles at P180.00; Seafood (Price available upon request)

See what we ordered after the break!

Hot and Sour Soup- Hands down, one of the best Hot and Sour soups I've tried. I like how it's super sour and the chili taste follows up right after, and it's so abundant on fish lips! :D

Xiao Long Bao- This is it. I hate to rain on anyone's parade: this is just regular Xiao Long Bao to me, but the sauce is something really special-I love the balsamic- like citrusy taste and the generous slivers of fresh Ginger.

Kung Pao Tofu- Crisp yet soft tofu in a nutty sauce. Sauce tastes good! You know, I suck at describing tofu- based dishes because it's not really my thing haha! Besides, tofu is just tofu. :D

Not so sure what this noodle dish is called, but I think it's Lugang Birthday Noodles. Tender and sauced just right, this noodle dish even goes well with rice. :D

Golden Fried Rice With Shredded Pork- Yang Chow fried rice boosted with pork shreds. It's not oily and that's why I like it very much.

Three- Cup Chicken- chicken fillets marinated in Lugang's three special sauces. It's sweet-salty-sour at the same time, but the inside parts of the chicken were kinda' bland.

Salt and Pepper Squid- Batter is thin and squid portions are thick, but the entire thing's lacking that crisp. :/

Roasting Meat Combination- A little bit of everything. The whole plate's great, but the most commendable thing in here would be the Lechon Macau cuts. God, the skin was roasted to crackling perfection and oozing with so much flavor-dip it in the mustard and you'll forget your name. LOL. :)

My experience with Lugang Cafe was okay: food is good, but not as stellar as I imagined. I also noticed that all the foods served to us were either cold or would get cold quickly and that kinda' put a damper on the whole dining experience for me. The branch I visited was in SM Aura, btw, so I don't know if they're on soft opening or the overall service there is not really good.

Have you tried Lugang Cafe? What are your thoughts and favorite dishes?

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I never seen this yet but it really yummy! :) Gonna try this next time :)) thanks Ms. Martha :D

  2. Hi, Martha! How does the Xiao Long Bao here compare to Shi Lin? Would really recommend you to try the latter, plus their beef stew. It's not as expensive as Lugang's; you get what you paid for. :) I frequent Shi Lin's branch in the Podium. :D

  3. *droooool*

    hope i can taste it by just looking at it..looks really yummy! and the cost were much cheaper than other chinese restaurants.

    hope it opens on sm fairview.

  4. Very affordable foods! I like to try their dimsums, lately i crave dimsums when we eat to chinese and korean restos. How i wish they also open a branch here in my place.

  5. wish im living at metro =) very affordable foods! superlike ♥♥♥ hahays kagutom ms m!

  6. Unknown: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Honestly, Lugang's Xiao Long Bao is not superior to Shi Lin. :) If for anything, it just tastes the same as the latter. :) Tried Shi Lin's Beef Stew and I agree, it's good! :)

    Rhain: Hahah. True. Now I'm hungry, but I just ate dinner. :p

    Leilani: It's a relatively new resto so they don't have a lot of branches yet. I'm sure they'll expand soon. :)

    Aura: Thanks! :)

    Katrina: Yep, it's one of the cheapest chinese restos I've been to. :)

  7. Just saw this and now I am craving it...I am not pregnant again yet...but, I easily crave foods especially when they are reviewed or posted..
    Sira diet :D


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