Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme EDT: For the Unconventional woman

I'd like to think myself in every way as a Bohemian. I've always detested conformity and have always been a purveyor of following dreams. While there are a lot who disagree with me and would sometimes look down on me because I am completely against the norm, all I can say is I only got one life to live, so I'd rather live it right and happily. 

So here's to the dreamers, artists, creatives, non-conformists, and believers, thank you for being the brave ones and for showing the world that dreams are meant to be followed.

Well, I got a lil' carried away there because of this new fragrance called La Vie De Boheme by Anna Sui.

La Vie Boheme- a statement, an expression, a way of life. It is the embodiment of a free- spirited, bold, and fulfilling way of living by surrendering to your passions and desires. La Vie Boheme is all about creating your own destiny.

More about this fragrance after the break!

Anna Sui mused that La Vie De Boheme is a romantic, transcending fragrance that every unconventional woman can associate freedom with. Even if you prefer it timeless or modern, it will still complement the Bohemian woman inside you, that woman who is always curious, passionate, artistic, and who yearns for endless adventures and discoveries.

Notes include Turkish Rose, Pear, Burgundy Berries, Dragonfruit, and Peony for a spark of vitality and artistry, while Black Vanilla, Woods, and Sheer Musks add a nuance of mystery and depth.

Check out La Vie De Boheme's mood video:

Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme EDT is available in the following sizes: 30ml (P2,600.00), 50ml (P3,450.00), and 75ml (P4,200.00). You can find it in any Rustan's malls.

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A lovely Thursday to all! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The bottle for this perfume is super pretty. It will be a lovely display to any girl's dresser. Love the concept of this perfume as well! :)

  2. wow i like the packaging, so elegant..

  3. I'm gonna get this perfume when my husband goes to ireland next is much cheaper doon...hehehhe thanx for the review♥

  4. How's the staying power of this one? Never tried any Ana Sui before but I always like their packaging. Always girly. :)

  5. If I remember correctly, I did have one perfume years ago in this brand. I don't actually remember the variant but the packaging was red. I was not able to finish the bottle because I wasn't fascinted with the scent. I hope this one has a different blend because the bottle is cute especially if you are a collector of perfume bottles (i like collecting by the way especially cute ones kaya lang I left them in the province na because hubby is getting annoyed with all my junk...hahaha)

  6. Thanks for dropping by, everyone!

    Rizza: Around 4 hours max. :)


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