Introducing the new members of Estēe Lauder's Cyberwhite HD Range

If I have an ultimate wish this new year, that would be Clarity-clarity in my decisions, my thoughts, actions, and what I want. Did a few mistakes in my life last year due to my indecisiveness and contradicting needs and wants and this year, I wanna set my life straight, hopefully.

Oh, I also want clarity for my skin so I can start making Youtube makeup tutorials with a super close-up shot of my face haha! If you're with me, let's declare this as our clear skin year and do whatever it takes to achieve transparent and luminous skin. ;D

Oh lookie, seems like Estēe Lauder's supporting our clear skin goals this year by launching new members of the Cyberwhite HD Collection. I've introduced this line to you guys last year so for a recap, click HERE.

Now meet the newest products of the Cyberwhite HD range by clicking READ MORE.

There's the Cyberwhite HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence, Spot Correcting Moisture Lotion, and the Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme and Advanced Brightening Moisture Night Creme.


- Improves skin's moisture barrier and makes skin look luminous and even- toned immediately. The whitening formula penetrates into skin and whitens continuously. This seems like a daytime moisturizer.


- Rich, luxurious, and superbly hydrating, this creme moisturizes skin and delivers all the intense whitening ingredients into the cells while you sleep.

These products will be available in all local Estēe Lauder counters beginning April 2014. Don't forget to visit ESTĒE LAUDER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information and updates on its counter launch. ;)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yeah I have long been aiming for clear skin as well. My face still has acne spots from before and my trips to the dermatologist have been long overdue. It's a good thing that we have these products to also help us with our face problems. I just wished they weren't so expensive that we need to break the bank just to be able to afford them.

  2. oh ms m this is great =) hay if only for the price to get the whole set =) sana meron silang mga travel set/trial set so they wont be disappointed if this wont suit them =)

  3. I think you should really make youtube tutorials next time ms. Martha. Well almost every girl has been aiming for clear skin. And In my own opinion before we apply make up we should have a good canvass and it should start with our face. How i wish I can have this goodies they were so expensive.

  4. Wow! The happy blush-on! :) But I find it intimidating. I'm not really good with blending and still working on it. Hehe. Anyway, the colors suit you. They look good with tanned skin.

  5. I could splurge once but I don't think I could maintain using it mainly because it would involve buying more once this is emptied..
    I am trying to be a little bit thrifty now (good luck to me)... would save up for a major haul that I was aiming


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