L'Oreal Shine Caresse in Princess Review

Here's a review on L'oreal Shine Caresse in Princess.

Price: P595.00
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If you want to experience YSL Glossy Stains through Holika Holika Pro Tinted Rouge (its great dupe), but you find their first and only store (at the moment) a bit too far from where you live, there's always L'Oreal's Shine Caresse. WOW. I could not believe I have forgotten about this. :p


Shine Caresse is described as a stain and gloss in one. It promises to deliver the shine and texture of a lip gloss and staying power of a stain. YSL is under the same corporation, so this product is indeed the closest you could get to the Glossy Stains. 

L'Oreal also said that the innovation behind this product is its 30% water and 60% oil composition that allows it to deliver 6 hours of continuous hydration, and features water soluble pigments for a weightless feel.

Product comes in a trendy, triangular- shaped tube that somewhat resembles a metronome-I actually don't know what to feel about it lol. It comes with a spade- shaped applicator-It's nice that it can cover my entire lips at once, but I kinda' find it a lil' big most of the time.

More about this product plus the swatches after the break!

Princess is a fiery orange shade with medium to heavy pigmentation. It yields a more subdued shine, unlike YSL's. Coverage is light to heavy and is somewhat streaky (it features the traits of a lip stain that's why) but starts becoming even when you layer it on. It's not really weightless, but not so heavy either. It has a bit of stickiness to it so I don't apply more than two layers. I also noticed that when it finally settles, it doesn't budge-reminds me of L'Oreal Infallible Lip Color.

This lip product is amazingly transfer- resistant. Just allow it to set and there, you won't have a problem with streaky lip color even if you're eating, although it is pretty hard to remove. It does leave a nice pretty stain if it starts coming off and is quite moisturizing. This is the perhaps the best long- lasting lip stain/lip gloss I have tried, but I wish they'd do something about the stickiness.


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love me some coral lippies! This looks great on you :)


  2. im not a fan of sticky glosses too =(

  3. This looks nice! It's not as expensive as the YSL stains as well. Too bad for the stickiness factor. What I do like is the long-time wear which makes it worth the price. Where is Holika Holika's store by the way? :)

  4. this loks nice... perfect for special events where you need a long lasting lip product! :)

  5. I had a lipgloss from L'oreal before and didn't like it cause it's too sticky for me. It was really uncomfortable. Anyway, it has the same applicator too which I find hard to use.

  6. it looks great on you♥ wanna try it soon... love the loreal products!

  7. Hi girls! Thanks! Glad you like this review. I agree, Issa, this is best for special occasions wherein you don't have enough time to retouch :)

  8. cool! this lip product is convenient when you don't like reapplying again. specially to for those who are busy.

  9. Awts! The color is totally the bomb, but I'm not a fan of sticky glosses. I look and feel like I ate a plate of lechon..

  10. Awts! The color is totally the bomb, but I'm not a fan of sticky glosses. I look and feel like I ate a plate of lechon..

  11. I like the coral on you...was actually wondering if it may look good on me too,... wanna try and experiment more on color this year :D

  12. The color is too orangey for me, I wish that would look good on me skin. But I love that shine! Anyway, are you wearing a lip liner?

  13. Ravene: Hi there! nope. not wearing any lip liner here. :)


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