Sumptuous Sundays: L'Incontro

I love Italian food and all the Italian restos I've been to were quite good, but I think I just tried THE BEST one. A couple o' weeks back, my family and I just had the best Italian meal of our lives at L'Incontro. Our experience was so good that we'd literally utter an orgasmic (yeah, that's really the best term to use) "MMMMMM" in each bite.

L'Incontro is a pretty old authentic Italian restaurant located in Nicanor Garcia st. (formerly Reposo), Makati City. I know this place because I'd always pass by it whenever I'll hear mass at St. Andrew's Parish, but I only tried it just recently.

PRICE RANGE: Salads start at P300.00; Appetizers start at P700.00; Soups start at P280.00; Main Course starts at P400.00; Desserts start at P170.00.

Interior has this rustic feel, and mom described the place best when she exclaimed that "It's like we are in a different country."

They also have a drinking bar if you're only looking forward to a few cocktails and wine with friends. But I'm telling you, the food is a must- try!

Check out our orders after the jump!

Free bread and I loved the crunchy bread best. :D

Insalata Cappriciosa- Chilled arugula and greens with truffle oil, balsamic vinegar, grilled mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and fresh veggies. A super light and flavorful salad that will leave you very satisfied. :D

Pasta Arrabiata- Penne pasta in chili tomato sauce with sausage bits. I know it sounds weird, but I don't really like Arrabiata. This is the only Arrabiata that has passed my standards-thank God for the smoked, semi- creamy tomato sauce!

Risotto Ai Funghi- Traditional Italian rice dish with light cream sauce and grilled button and portobello mushrooms. Who needs meat if you have super tasty, meat- like mushrooms anyway? I got a bit selfish during our dinner because I gobbled up this plate alone lol. :p

Lapu-Lapu Cioppino- The standard is, Lapu-Lapu should go with rice, but if it's as good as L'Incontro's version, you can eat it on its own-this slow- baked dish doesn't have that nasty fish taste and the special sauce for it is really special. This was also the first time that I ate Lapu-Lapu with bread, and it's surprisingly a great combination!

Quattro Formaggio and Carne Pizza- You can opt for two pizza flavors in one order. We got Carne and Quattro Formaggio, two lovely pizzas brimming with smoky, cheesy, meaty, mouthwatering flavor. They serve thin crust pizzas that aren't so heavy on the tummy, thus you can definitely order a few more carbs to go along with it and enjoy dinner the Italian way: The more, the merrier!

L'Incontro Signature Cheesecake- They have two types of Cheesecakes: Belgian White Chocolate and the one made with Gorgonzola Cheese garnished with figs (it's priced differently though). A lot on Foursquare are raving about this and dang, they were right! This lightly sweet, chocolatey, cheesy cake is very smooth, delicate, and fabulous!

Panacotta- Of course I wouldn't end my Italian dinner without my fave Italian dessert. L'Incontro's Panacotta is extremely light-tasting, with its sweetness lingering calmly in the background-that's why there's dark chocolate shavings and honey with it! It's the perfect treat to wash off all the meaty taste in our tastebuds!

L'Incontro is one of the high- end restos that I'd definitely splurge on because food is literally awesome and prepared really well. Aside from that, the place feels a little special and very private too, and it's a restaurant that you can go to for some serious bonding time with your partner, family, and long- lost friends.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree, the place looks like you're in a different country. :) This post is such a tease. I'm forgetting my diet. Haha!

  2. Wow! The food looks so delicious! We must try this resto..It is new to me..thanks for sharing! :)

  3. WOW, a complete Italian meal! Sounds like a great experience of the "florentine life" even just for a day!

  4. Oh my.. the Pasta! I really really love Italian foods, nakakagutom ang photos Ms.Martha. :D

  5. I love Italian food :D
    Especially the pasta... Maybe because I wanted something different for my pastas... I grew up as a Spaghetti Girl (Filipino style)-don't get me wrong, I love sphagetti...but enough is enough when your mom cooks this on all possible occassions, events, etc for the rest of your life...
    And so, my husband and I sometimes go out and check restaurants to try and I usually experiment on different pasta-cooking.
    Maybe one time, when we drop by Makati, I could ask him to try this place too.

  6. I got hungry just by looking at the pictures! I'm a sucker for Italian food!

  7. Im getting Hungry ^_^ I wish I could visit that place someday~

  8. I have tried an italian restau once. I would like to try this one also. :) it looks yummy specially the salad. best for the bilbil-conscious. lol! :))

  9. Everything looks so yummy. I'm drooling over the risotto and the panacotta both my favorites! Thanks for introducing this resto, will check it out soon!


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