Sumptuous Sundays: Songkran

If there's one place in Metro Manila that I would surely want to live in aside from Bel-Air Makati, it would BF Homes. It's a small city on its own! From Starbucks to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, boutiques, pubs, bars, gyms, supermarkets, recreational places, and Ruins, you can find 'em all in BF Homes. It's so convenient to live there-who needs a mall when you're living in BF Homes?!

I believe BF Homes is quite known for the sheer number of restaurants they have in there and for some serious food tripping with the boyfriend, BF Homes tops our list because there are options from cheap to expensive and we don't have to travel a lot to get from one restaurant to another.

If you happen to be in BF Homes and you're craving for some nice Thai lunch or dinner, you should try Songkran. It's a legit Thai cuisine, ambiance is very laid-back, and food is fairly affordable!

PRICE RANGE: Appetizers and Salad start at P125.00; Main Course starts at P200.00; Noodles start at P165.00; Dessert starts at P90.00

Songkran seems like a typical 80's bungalow house converted into a restaurant, which is pretty much the case with most of the restaurants in there. You can opt for indoor or outdoor dining, but I would suggest the latter because the area is gorgeous at night and has this homey feeling.

Showing you their best- sellers after the break! :)

Pho Pia Sod (Fresh Spring Rolls)- For only P125.00, you get six pieces of super stuffed and fresh- tasting spring rolls. Wouldn't have it any other way! My only wish is they offer peanut sauce as an option (right now, it comes with sweet and sour sauce) as I love having my Fresh Spring Rolls with it. :)

Pad Thai- one of the tastiest Pad Thai's I've every had. Their version is a lil' saucy, which is a lil' detour from the usual semi-dry Pad Thai recipe, but it's good! It made the whole thing really savory and not boring to eat. :)

Chicken Satay- A lil' tough to eat, but at least the meat is thick and the peanut sauce is good, but not so heavy.

Red Beef Curry (Keang Nua)- you can have it either mild, spicy, or extra spicy. Sauce is smooth and buttery, and beef chunks are oh-so-tender. ;)

Pork Spareribs (Sea Kong Mod Deang)- It's like Pinoy deep fried spare ribs enhanced with sweet barbecue sauce. I think I ate two cups of plain rice with this haha! :D

We left the place with happy tummies because we ate so much (and good) food without overspending. It's also a nice to place to have a few drinks with friends while enjoying quality Thai food. ;)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh my!! I'm so craving right now! I love Thai food and will definitely try this resto soon! And yeah, I want to live in BF Homes too! I've been wanting to try a lot of restos there! Yay! I'm excited!!

  2. I've tried out this resto as well but in Makati, and I do agree with you that the prices really are affordable. The food tastes great as well. For the quality of the food, I feel like I have spent my money's worth!

  3. I'm from Paranaque and completely oblivious about Songkran. I will definitely try this one out!

  4. I seriously want to try these meals! I haven't been there, but this will really go to my list of places to visit :) Great post!


  5. I like experimenting with food. Too bad its quite too far from my place. And yes, would prefer to go Al Fresco..the scenery looks very inviting and the food looks so tempting that I am having second thoughts about my diet. lol! I hope my memory doesn't fail me when we somehow be around the area...Best to do is to jot it down :)


  6. I love BF Homes, too! <3 I love how there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. There's Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, etc. I wish to live there, too, if only it's not too far from my workplace.

  7. Maybe we should all have dinner at songkran and explore bf homes haha! :D


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