Cool Gifts to Give (And Receive) This Valentine's Day

Okay, let's set aside the good ol' bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates for now and go for interesting gifts that will make Valentine's Day a little more....interesting. Well, unless the other party asks for those classic gifts, but wouldn't it be nice to include some unexpected (but downright cool) gifts with those to make this special day a little more memorable and even fun?

Here's a list of what I think, are the coolest gifts to give (and receive) this Valentine's. 

- So let's get a little grown up here, shall we? Lovemaking is a vital part of life and admit it or not, it could get boring-even experts would suggest to add fun to it to make relationships (especially the long ones) last better and longer. So just think of these edible undergarments as relationship-helpers. (That is, if you're in a relationship)

- There's also the Candy Garter for my married readers out there. It's going to be a #FlashbackFriday for you on V-Day then! :)
- If you happen to like the Candy Bra, then might as well get the Candy G-String. You don't leave the house wearing just one of the two, right? :)


- I'd like to believe that in the Philippines, Lingerie is solely given during Bridal Showers only. Hey, they make great Valentine's Day gifts too, especially to the attached. I also think they're great 'gift wrappers' for the Candy Bra, G-String, and Garter haha!

Candy Bra, G-String, Garter, and Pink Babydoll Lingerie are available in Velvet Rose Lingerie

More gifts after the break!


- Yes, I'm biased because I love beauty products! An interesting beauty product could be a DIY waxing kit, Argan Oil (surprisingly, I know some people who are completely clueless about this wonder oil), s self- heating mask, or any interesting beauty product you can think of. Giving such gifts is like giving a gift of discovery because you'll never know, maybe such products can lead to life- changing experiences or to another level of self- appreciation. (Yeah that's how I felt when I got my first DIY waxing kit)

Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring Kit is available in Strip It! on Facebook


- Seems like a little weird to give on Valentine's, but do not underestimate these nifty little things! I assume everyone will be dressed to the nines on V-Day and unfortunately, fashion boo-boos will more likely occur. Now if you happen to be giving these gifts, you'll definitely be able to save your date and enjoy the night away. Oh, you can use them for a long time too. ;)


- Restaurants will definitely be more popular than the NBA Games on Valentine's so spare yourself from the hassle, book a spa date for two to end the week nicely (because Valentine's is slated on a Friday this year) and save the special dinner for the next day.

I even have a better suggestion: You can get a body treatment/massage plus have dinner too in Toccare Spa. They offer personalized spa sessions wherein you can include a meal package. Just give them a call. ;)


- Out of the 10 women I asked, at least 6 or 7 would say that the makeover they're dying to have is anything hair- related, whether it's a rejuvenating treatment, color, or even a cut. Because your mood just changes in an instant if you have gorgeous hair! If you're planning to give your special someone this gift, why not throw in a face makeover too?

That's all! Share your cool V-Day gifts ideas on the comment box below this post! :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Valentine's Day is already this Friday so fast! My bf and I still don't have anything special planned ohh noo. I did get myself a haircut already last weekend haha. I think one of those spa dates are a good idea. The restaurants will surely be packed for sure!

  2. Haha that spa suggestion is really clever... you can enjoy V-day regardless of whether you're attached or single! Spa's the way to go!

  3. very good ideas for valentines, hehehe I will make lambing to my husband and treat him in the spa.... thanks for the awesome ideas for valentines...

  4. Oh yes..that's our go to a spa instead of resto...another gift idea i can suggest is a clay painting (idk if I call it correctly) of his favorite anime/cartoon (if he/she has one)..un pinupush un clays (colors) sa drawing dun sa board..

  5. Joyce: So true! Now I want a massage. :p

    Roxanne: Now that's a unique idea! :D Might as well try that with my boyfriend! :D

    Febmin: welcome! :D

    Kat C: Better to book in advance, based on our experience :D


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