Dermalogica Sheer Tint in Medium Review

Here's a review on Dermalogica Sheer Tint in Medium.

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I got a few reader queries in the past asking me about a liquid face makeup that's even thinner than tinted moisturizer. That kinda' baffled me because I couldn't believe that there are people who actually think that tinted moisturizers are still 'heavy' and I couldn't think of anything sheerer than that product, thus I wasn't able to recommend any until I discovered Dermalogica Sheer Tint. Now I can recommend something!


The one I have is said to be the newest version and Dermalogica said that it has higher SPF than the former variant. Sheer Tint boasts of a super skin- like finish that invisibly covers your skin and contains cross- linked Hyaluronic Acid that locks in moisture all throughout the day. It also features light- diffusing hydrolyzed pearl powders that create a luminous, enhanced texture. It comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. 


Cop the 'No Makeup' look perfectly with this face base. Details after the break!

It comes in one size only, 40ml, and product comes in an easy squeeze tube. It's pretty handy too.

Medium is a midtone beige shade with a yellow undertone. It has this silicone- like texture, which is pretty much like Dermalogica Cover Tint. It's buttery, smooth, and spreads very evenly across skin and has no fragrance. Finish is dewy and coverage is very light that it wouldn't even matter what shade you're wearing. My shade match is Dark in Dermalogica and I find Medium a shade lighter on me, but I had no problems with it because it literally disappears into nothingness and virtually has no tint. Yes folks, it's even sheerer than tinted moisturizer.


With Estēe Lauder Double Wear Concealer + The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer

Two layers of Sheer Tint

Upon application, this product makes your skin feel hydrated and look plump. (In a good way) It's good at filling in fine lines, thanks to the silicone- like texture and makes your skin look fresher than what it is, although it really has no concealing effect on the skin. It should be worn with concealer all the time, unless you have immaculate skin.

You know me, I like coverage more than anything so I use this product with a creamy setting powder. I love that it keeps my skin feeling moisturized and soft all day, although coverage fades completely and I'm left with very little coverage. It's also not photo- friendly because the SPF content yields a slight whitish facial glare in flash photography.

This product is great to use if you're always in an air-conditioned place, you have spotless skin, you just want a product that kinda' enhances your skin's texture and appearance. (To me, it's a little better than regular moisturizer), and you're really, really digging that 'No Makeup' look. It's super sheer that even teenagers can wear it! It's good to use during daytime especially in casual strolls and even on the beach because it's weightless and does not clog pores. I'm quite happy with this product's texture, but I don't really see myself buying it again because it doesn't fit my makeup needs. 


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have never tried any Dermalogica products before. My friend did say that it's a good product as it never breaks her out. This one's a pass for me though as I want something with more coverage too.

  2. I think I will pass too, I like something with more coverage. :)

  3. Sounds like a nice product! But just like you, I also prefer my foundations to have more coverage in 'em so I'd have to pass on this one. And I think it's a bit expensive, especially for what it does hehe. Speaking of full coverage foundies, what is your favorite one to date? I'm currently in the look-out for one & we seem to have same skin type so I just thought you'd be the perfect person to ask. :)

    Hope to hear from you soon Ms.Martha! xx

  4.'s kinda pricey..It's nice that it has SPF but I don't think I would buy it. the only tinted moisturizer that I've tried is Nivea. It's good and gives coverage too. It's also very affordable. But I don't think it's still available or shall I say I see it only in few stores. :)

  5. It's so sheer that there's barely a difference. I would still go for BB cream for a little more coverage. Does this product have any oil control features?

  6. Can someone with oily skin use this? I really prefer the natural look when it comes to makeup and this seems like something I might love.

  7. expensive for a sheer tint, but good to know it hashyaluronic acid..they are know to have good skin care products though

  8. It's too sheer that it doesn't make sense wearing it. Lol

  9. so this is a tinted moisturizer or a very sheer foundie? i'm also looking for the perfect base makeup for me... i want something super lightweight but with at least medium coverage to cover my large pores... something that i won't have to powder after it... sigh... girl problems...

  10. Kat: You can try Cover Tint then, also from Dermalogica. :)

    Cat: I guess a sheerer version of TM! Haha!

    Febmin: Yes they are. :) I actually want to try their skin care range. :)

    Rizza: LOL!

    Girlbehindglasses: Good question. Yes, it's good for oily skin because it's very light and non- clogging. :)

    Roxanne: Nivea has a tinted moisturizer?! Where can I find that?

    Jemimah: Hi there! Still Bobbi Brown. MAC sometimes. :)

    Issa: Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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