Happy Ever After For Iya and Drew Offline and on WeChat!

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I normally don’t like talking about celebrities and showbiz-y stuff on my blog, but I just have to express how happy I am for Iya and Drew because they have finally tied the knot and sealed their God-knows-how-long relationship with a sweet, succulent ending. I’ve been following them since Drew’s Wazzup Wazzup days and Iya’s VJ-ing days, and ‘til now, they’re still two of the local celebrities that I like because they’re very decent. Their relationship goes to show that no matter where your personal journey takes you and how many temptations and trials you encounter along the way, your love can survive as long as you work on it!

We all know that they’re WeChat Philippines’ endorsers and they’re very active on this platform. I’m no longer a couch potato, but thanks to this app, I’m somehow updated on the happenings in the lives of my two favorite local celebrities. 

They’re working for two different networks now and both are very busy career- oriented people, but WeChat allows them to fuel their relationship in a snap by sharing their Moments to each other, or by talking to each other creatively via video calls and the ‘Hold To Talk’ option coupled with sweet stickers! WeChat’s data back-up protects their previous files as well-I’m sure they used some of their WeChat moments in their wedding video!

Iya and Drew also shared that during down times and shooting breaks, they let loose by playing GunZ Dash, Pencil Pilot, 2day’s Match, and Craz3 Match.

WeChat also makes it easy for them to connect with their fans (Me!) via their official accounts where they can grow their circles and broadcast their latest shows, gigs, and more.

Of course, these aren’t only limited to Drew and Iya-all WeChat users can experience these cutting- edge messaging technologies as well.

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I’ve read a quote saying that technology has brought us together but kept us apart, but I beg to disagree. It depends on how you treat technology and how much you allow it to take part in your life. Our generation is different now- hopping on a plane and traveling thousands of miles just to say hello to your loved one may seem better than a simple, warm-hearted message, but it doesn’t make the latter less sweeter. The heart of the matter is, you should always take the time to show you care-no matter how busy you are-to strengthen your relationships and let it flourish. Take it from Drew and Iya!

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Aww I love Drew and Iya too and their love story is such an inspiration. I agree with you on the part where technology has brought and kept us together. It's now easier to connect with friends, especially when these chat apps have suddenly emerged and kept us all connected to one another easily.

  2. Their love story is really amazing and inspiring! I like how they stick together despite the controversies in showbizness. Technology really helps people bind together. :)

  3. Nakakakilig talaga si iya at drew. They are one of the sweetest and cutest couple in showbiz. I like their kulitan, nakakatuwa. I am so happy for both of them.


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