MAC Huggable Lipcolour: MAC introduces their comfiest lipstick yet + Swatches

I was recently invited to the launch of MAC's newest lip product, Huggable Lipcolour, dubbed as the long- wearing counterpart of MAC Sheen Supreme.

Huggable Lipcolour features a blend of creamy emollients in a gel base that allows easy, sensational application on the lips. It promises to create beautifully sculpted lips and has a long- wearing glossy texture and finish that can last up to 6 hours. It's called Huggable because it's so plush that you couldn't help but rub your lips against each other to savor the texture, and hugs your lips in all day moisture.

MAC had prepared a personalized makeover session for me and the other Beauty Bloggers. They chose the look and the Huggable Lipcolour shade based on our personalities, and they gave me this sweet n' sexy makeup look featuring Huggable Lipcolour in What A Feeling! I like it because the look is so spot on for my taste!

Rushed to MAC for the event right after my Strength and Conditioning workout in Elorde so pardon the haggard face! :D

Click READ MORE for the makeover and for the complete swatches of Huggable Lipcolour!

Odessa, one of MAC's resident makeup artists have used a palette of purples and pinks and added a bit of Blacktrack on my lower lids and lash lines. She used MAC 217 to apply the products, which happens to be my most favorite blending brush at the moment.

Tadah! Here's the final eyeshadow look. Don't you love all the gradation and colors? :)

She contoured my cheeks using MSF Medium Dark and Harmony, one of MAC's popular blush shades in the Philippines.

Lastly, she primed my lips with a lip pencil and applied Huggable Lipcolour in What A Feeling! First impression is: It's soooo soft!

So here's me and the sketch. I think Odessa had recreated the look on me almost accurately! :D

MAC Masterclass brush collection is already here, btw, and I'm lusting over this Foundation/Blush/Powder brush. It's so soft and provides a very even coverage in one stroke! It's P2,520.00 I believe and I think I will buy it soon. :)

So here's a complete swatch of the Huggable Lipcolour shades we have locally. Some of my favorites are Commotion, Out For Passion, and Rich MarrĂ³n. :)

I got What A Feeling! and surprisingly, I like it because despite its bright, cool tone, it looks good on me! Will review it soon!

Huggable Lipcolour is now out in all local MAC counters and boutiques and retails at P1,150.00 each.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Eeee I want this! I love long-lasting lipsticks and this one seems to fit the bill. Does this have a vanilla-y scent like the regular MAC lipsticks? I like that they have another design for the packaging as well as it's slimmer! Love your overall look here Ms. M! :)

  2. Those lippes look really pigmented! Lovin it <3

  3. it look so moisturizing on your lips~♥ definitely gonna try out!

  4. I'm excited to try this! Can't wait for the review!

  5. I've always been a fan of mac lipsticks. Love the colors and glossy look it gives. Though too pricey its worth it!

  6. I love your makeup! you look so gorgeous...♥ commotion!!!

  7. I love the shade & you're so pretty as always Ms. M! Will definitely look for this :)

  8. I'm eyeing Cherry Glaze and Commotion. They look pretty.

  9. The Rich Marron is love. I gotta have that.

  10. Woot! Out for Passion, me likey! I love how the lilac hue suits your skin and how well it complemented your eyeshadow look. How long did it last on your lips?

  11. you're so pretty. I love that lip color on you. They do have really great resident makeup artists, Nikki of AMW had a great makeover too!

  12. nice collection there.. I like to try the deeper shades.. :))) the commotion and the cherry glaze..I also like what a feeling! :)))

  13. hmmmm.....I wonder if Fashion Force would look good on me :D and I got more bolder so I wanna try other colors other than nudes and neutrals and I think I am liking Feeling Amorous or Commotion :D

  14. Your makeup reviews are really helping me to develop my skills. I am shy to say that I am 19 and I don't know how to use make-up. :( Well, thank God for your blog posts! I will never stop reading your blog and supporting you! :) More powers! <3

  15. Girlie: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thank you for being a supporter! Really appreciate it! :D Hey. don't be shy of your age! :D

    Winnie and girlbehindglasses: Commotion looks great on morena skin! :D

    Ravene Thanks dear!

    Majorie: About 3 hours if untouched. :)

    Marielle: Great choice! :D

    Yette and Febmin: Thanks! :D

    Allyzon and Carmela: Agree with you! :)

    Rizza: Thanks! :D

    Pau B: They have medium to heavy coverage. :)


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