Mega Haul for February

Told 'ya I do my mega closet hauls around the first three months of the new year! Okay, I'm ready to stop now and commence with Delaying Gratification 2014. Oh, I'm even thinking of doing a closet blog sale because I have no more space. :p Will clear out my closet soon (hopefully) and post the stuff here. For now, I'll share some of my hauls for February.

I'm a sucka' for pretty sleepwear so I didn't let this cute, cotton cherry- printed tank and plain shorts sleepwear set from Velvet Rose Lingerie pass. They're so comfy and I got it on a 50% off sale-from P800.00+, I got it for P400.00+ only! :)

Do you follow me on Instagram? (segue to my username, thebeautyjunkee) If you do, you probably know that I am very much into working out nowadays-so much that I prefer skipping events just to sweat it out in the gym. I'm dead serious about getting leaner and stronger this year so I'm taking advantage of that feeling!

The only downside of my obsession on fitness is this: this is what happens when I hit a sports equipment shop. :p As much as possible, I try not to enter Adidas or Nike stores nowadays lol!

The rest of my hauls after the jump!

A friend of mine jokingly told me that I don't seem to have enough clothes because I wear the same outfits over and over again. It is because I haven't done a major closet haul for the past 5 months. I will haul when I've finally achieved my preferred body shape. This will save me a lot of money because I don't have to buy new ones over and over again!

Regarding the progress of my body, let's say I'm 60% there so I hauled a few. These are from projectkikay on Instagram, btw. :)

Finally, here's a haul that somehow completes my eyewear lust list.

Tadah! The Rayban Flash Lens in Blue! I'm a little late in the game already because for one, this color is so hard to find just because it's always sold out! Spotted it in an optical shop in SM Mall Of Asia and snagged it right away!

My Prada Baroque got a few scratches in my recent beach trip. :((( Ugh. Now I have to have both lenses replaced. I think I'm never bringing that to the beach again so this hip pair from Rayban will be my beach buddy for now. :)

That's all and have a pleasant Wednesday! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like your new rubber shoes and sportswear! Those shades look really cool, I want also!!! :)

  2. Wow. great haul. Love that kimono blazer :) Nice your more than halfway your goal! Galing.

  3. I like all your loots here! :) I wanted those wraps, too. Where did you get it?

  4. I love your sportswear and the sunnies! :)

  5. love adidas we usually get + 30% off from the outlets here in cebu

  6. Those Raybans would be perfect for the coming summer! I'm actually hunting for something similarly polarized, but I'm not sure I'm ready to drop dough on actual Raybans right now.

    Suggestions for more affordable polarized sunglasses?

  7. love your shoes! and the shades! :)

  8. I hope your work out pays off soon! I'm trying to be work out more this 2014 too! I think my body needs it. Hhaha

  9. Hi girls! Thank you! :)

    Bibzki: Rayban Flash lens is P9,990.00 for this color, while P8,990.00 for the others. :)

    Meikah: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Got them from ProjectKikay on Instagram. :)


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