Of Love and Free Messaging

I grew up in a time where lovers used to send handwritten notes to each other, but just like a chapter in a book, it has to end (or in the case of love notes, die down for a little). While I dread the fact that love notes are no longer trendy, I can’t deny the that sms has just made communicating much easier, and much, much easier when free messaging apps such as WeChat took the spotlight. Add to that, communicating has never been this cuter and more economical too.

The thing with plain text messaging is, you can be misinterpreted, but with the presence of cute stickers, you can really say what you mean even if you don’t blurt out a lot! Check out those falling hearts! This cute feature gets activated every time you send a message!

Or if you want to feel more connected, you can send voice messages too. How cool is that?!

However you want to say I Love You, WeChat will let you say it. You can get creative by communicating via video calls or voice calls among other things. How about singing a love song to your best friend, partner, or family? Speaking of love songs, did you know that you can also compile your audio recordings on the app and present it as a special playlist or listen to it over and over again?

The best part about everything is it’s free so you can send them e-love notes, heart-melting videos, and mushy voice calls all day. Whether you’re single, attached, or looking, you’ll definitely have a fun Valentine’s day over at WeChat!

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2 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the concept of the stickers as they are really cute and sometimes I just use the stickers to express how I feel without typing any words. The voice recording audio's really cool too. Sometimes when I'm too lazy to type, I just record my voice while chatting haha.

  2. Yes they are cool chat app! I love their stickers and the voice message feature.. :)


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