Philosophy Boutique in SM Megamall +Take the Virtual Tour!

Last Tuesday, I joined Philosophy in a Press store launch at the new SM Mega Fashion Hall. Speaking of that, it's SO HUGE and I couldn't wait for H&M to open! Yes! The flagship store is gonna be there! *drools

For now, let's check out this well- loved brand of mine.

Philosophy treated us to a mini skin care swatching party with matching cocktails and nibbles at the activity area.

We almost have the complete line of Philosophy here. My, it's been a while since I checked this brand fully. The last skin care products I encountered were Purity and Hope In A Jar and now, they have A LOT!

These are some of the products that piqued my interest:

I think I wanna try this skin care line next because it's perfect for summer! The one in the mini glass bottle with dropper is a pore minimizing and mattifying primer that's as soft as a moisturizer!

These are some of Philosophy's newest sun care and treatment products. We have the new Be Your Best BB Cream line too. :)

There's more to discover in the actual store, I'm telling you. Anyhoo, shall we take the virtual trip? Click READ MORE now!

The Philosophy branch in the Philippines is dubbed as the biggest in the world, FYI.

It's a decent medium- sized area where there's enough space to roam around, and products are definitely within reach. The store also has this clean, heavenly feel. The Philosophy products we have here are all skin care, body care, and fragrance.

The trial counter in the middle of the store serves as a huge guide for you to find out which Philosophy line suits your skin best.

Take a dip! In this posh bath tub, you'll find Philosophy's various bath gels and gift sets.

Here's to hoping you'll have great skin! Purity and Hope include basic cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing products.

The best feature of this store is The Peel Cabin, a first in the world of Philosophy.

It's a private space where you can have Philosophy's signature facials, peels, and treatments. It can accommodate one person at a time and that means you'll get all the privacy you need.

For the peels, they use The Microdelivery Peel set for quick renewal. You can drop by during lunch break or anytime to refresh, unwind, and renew your skin-all under three minutes.

Reunited with these lovelies!

So that's the end of our virtual tour! Philosophy is now open at the 2nd level of the new SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. An awesome Saturday to everyone! :)

Please visit PHILOSOPHY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their new store and products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Excited to visit the Philosophy store in Megamall! I'm excited for H&M as well. I would definitely want to try Philosophy's products. It's a good thing they now have a store in the Philippines yay!

  2. I hope they will open here also in cebu, I super like philisophy! I hope the price is not that much different than in the US. ♥

  3. I love Philosophy most especially their shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath! i remember buying their micro delivery peel set after months of holding myself back and when i finally did, it opened up a whole new world of addiction hahaha! do they still have the loose mineral foundation? the one with the puff?

  4. Whoa Philosophy store looks amazing! Can't wait to drop by soon and snag myself the Tea Party bath set!

  5. Jheng: Hi Mare! Ditto! Love the shower gels too. Sadly no, we don't have the makeup here.

    Joyce: Yes it is! :D I wanna grab the Birthday Cake set! :D

    Kat C: The purity line is amazing, as well as the fragrances!

    FebMin: Price difference is not that huge, imo. :) Hope they branch out in Cebu soon. :)

  6. the Total Matteness looks promising... does it refine pores permanently or just for makeup/primer purposes? i have large cheek pores... :( btw, you looks so pretty... girl crush, is that you? hehehe... ^_^

  7. I love to visit Philosophy and try their products..thanks for the virtual tour. :)

  8. I hope they'll have a branch here at the North! I love Philosophy! :)


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