Prom Look: Ethereal Eyes + Gown Color match

As requested by some of my teen readers, here’s a tutorial of the look featured on my Prom Lipstick Tips blog post. I had a fun time doing this look because for one, I’ve never done something this ‘youthful’ in a while!

This is such a no-brainer look (but pretty!) so if you’re ready to proceed with the tutorial, click READ MORE now.

Products used:

Bobbi Brown Smoky Lash Mascara (Black)
Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil in Gold
All Belle False Lash Glue
MAC Eyeshadow in Brule (Browbone highlighter)

STEP 1: Prime, prime, prime your lids. This is an important step to keep your eye makeup look from fading and creasing. Even if you have normal skin around the lids, a primer would keep your eye makeup looking fresh the entire night.

STEP 2: If there’s one thing that I would recommend for you to buy, it would be a shadow pencil because it’s very, very easy to use, non- messy, and you won’t have to worry about powder fallout. I used gold because I have tan skin and this color looks good on me, but you can also opt for silver, blue, violet, green, or whatever color you like-just make sure it has a shimmery finish so your eyes will look glistening and ‘alive’.

Apply the shadow pencil starting on your inner lids then go halfway from the lower lid until the above crease. Next, line the fold on your tear ducts then extend all the way to the actual tear ducts and a little beyond the lower lash line. Check the photo for reference. Don’t forget to gently blend the shadow liner with a finger or wet/dry eyeshadow brush to soften it.

STEP 3: Apply a dark (but not so dark) crease color onto your creases. Start by dabbing onto your outer crease and blend inwards and upwards to create a fading effect, but avoid the brow bone area. You don’t have to worry so much about this part because all you have to do is just shade this area to bring out the color of the shadow liner-no need for color gradation whatsoever.

STEP 4: Set the shadow pencil with a translucent powder to prevent creasing and fading. Just in case you have a gold glitter shadow, use that instead to add more dimension to the shadow liner-this is optional though, but if you can afford to buy one, do so because trust me, it will look gorgeous!

 STEP 5: Apply a frost cream- colored shadow on your brow bones-remember to apply a sheer amount only so it won’t overpower the shadow liner. Line your eyes as usual, but no need for a fancy- looking line-just follow the natural curve of your eyes.

STEP 6: Apply mascara prior to applying false eyelashes. I prefer this technique because it helps me prolong the life of my falsies and prevents them from looking overly dramatic. Natural is always better. For falsies, choose something with medium thickness and wispy- looking strands for a dreamy and natural look.

The final look

This makeup will look fantabulous in the following gown colors:

Photo Credits:

Beige gowns

Photo Credits:

Emerald Green gowns

Photo Credits:

Midtone orange gowns.

Photo Credits:

Gowns in Deep Purple with hints of Berry

Photo Credits:

Dark Brown or Chocolate Brown gowns

That’s it for my Prom Tutorial. Will try to come up with more. In the meantime, join my L'oreal #COLORRICHEPOUT contest HERE. :) Tell me how you like/hate this look! :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Super nice~ Do you think this look would work with blue-based red lip instead of coral Ms. Martha?

  2. Super nice~ Do you think this look would work with blue-based red lip instead of coral Ms. Martha?

  3. Love love love this look you did! I'll be trying this look with my gold eyeshadows. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  4. I have a gold cream eyeshadow at home, I think it'll be ok as sub.. I'll try this next time! ;))

  5. I super like the look! thought that you'd pair it with your own gown..hahahaha!

  6. gosh! i want to have a prom-themed party/get-together with my kikay friends after reading this... ~sigh~ to be young and carefree...

  7. i love love love it! especially the lippie! :)

  8. Joyce: Of course it will! The nice thing about this eye makeup is, it can pretty much go with any lip color. :)

    Kat: You're welcome!: )

    Majorie: Go ahead! :D

    Cat: Hahah. I get you!

    Issa: Thanks! That's Color Riche Le Rouge in Peachy Dream. :)

    Roxanne: Lol, got no gowns out home haha!


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