Sumptuous Sundays: Tootsies Tagaytay

My BF and I had one of our spontaneous trips to Tagaytay last Friday, and we chose to eat in Tootsies, a very popular dining spot in the area. It's also the BF's parents' fave restaurant in Tagaytay too.

Tootsies offers homestyle Filipino fare. Here's a look at the interior. Nothing fancy-it's just a simple, decent, and neat place with a country feel.

Our orders after the break!

Laing- nothing special about this Laing though. I have yet to find a Laing recipe that will beat the version of my friend's mom. (Cacai, if you're reading this, I'm talking about you! :D)

Fried Tawilis- Tagaytay, if I'm not mistaken, is a Tawilis capital. It's a salty, savory fish that will make you ate lots of rice. Tootsies' Tawilis is the biggest I've seen, not to mention it's the freshest!

Bulalo- A Tagaytay trip is not complete with Bulalo! One serving can accommodate two to three people, but I find the broth rather oily. Tastes really good though!

Crispy Tadyang with Special Sauce- These beef ribs are the bomb that I ordered it twice! It's super crispy and it's the type that you can't stop eating. I don't know what they put in that sauce, but it's illegally good!

Tootsies is an okay restaurant, and they serve decent, fairly priced Pinoy food. I'd recommend it to you because you gotta taste that awesome, awesome Crispy Tadyang recipe!

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have never tried this restaurant before. I'll keep this in mind when I go to Tagaytay again soon, gotta try out that crispy tadyang!!!

  2. Hi, Martha! If you happen to eat there again, try their kare-kare! My mom goes out of her way to buy that for us every month. The taste never fails -- very authentic! :)

  3. Same as Kat C., I never noticed this resto before. There are just too many places to dine in at Tagaytay now! I feel the urge to visit every so often just to try something new.

  4. The place seems so quiet..I love laing and bulalo..will check on this if we go to Tagaytay. :)


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