Clinique All About Shadow in Royal Couple Review

Here's a review on Clinique All About Shadow in Royal Couple.

Price: Singles (P900.00) Duos (P1,250.00) Quads (Price available upon request)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all local Clinique stores and counters.


Clinique was the very first eye shadow brand I owned because a lot of my balikbayan aunts would always bring this as pasalubong. (I’m sure most of you guys had this experience too!) The most popular combination would be chocolate brown and a vanilla shade. That, and Clinique’s Face Powder and tiny tube of mascara haha! Remembering the eye shadow, texture was pretty chalky and I had a hard time working it on my lids, but I was a noob then and couldn’t tell the difference between good and bad makeup products so it was okay. At least Clinique had reformulated their good ol’ eye shadow range already!


All About Shadow is made with Super Fusion and Variable milling technologies to ensure a super smooth coverage, and also makes eyes appear smoother. It also contains Vitamin E and Astrocaryum Murumuru Butter to care for the skin around the eyes. It comes in singles, duos, and quads.

The shade I got is called Royal Couple. Packaging is very posh, sturdy, compact, and modern. It's a far cry from the green, marbled compacts of Clinique in the 90's.

Swatches of this skin care- infused eyeshadow after the cut!

Royal Couple is a purplish combination. The darker shade is a gray-violet kind of shade, while the lighter one is a pale lilac shade.

Texture is very silky and buttery, and it’s comparable to MAC’s eyeshadows. I’ve experienced minimal to no powder fallout. Pigmentation is medium to heavy and you don’t need a primer to get a bold payoff. It is unscented too.


Dark shade- applied on the lower lids
Lighter shade- applied on the above crease up until the brow bone

Regarding staying power, I find that this shadow resists creasing, but fades for a little if used without a primer- that’s pretty cool because this is one of the rare eye shadow products that lasted on my lids! If used with a primer, no need to worry about it because it will last the whole day, although it didn't smooth my lids significantly.

I’m happy with this product because wear time is pretty good. Not only that, it’s also formulated to suit sensitive skin and is allergy- free as well. Also, the skin care ingredients are nice additions to the formulation-at least we know that this makeup is doing our skin some good. I’ll be checking out the other palette combinations this weekend. :D


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yes I can totally relate, my balikbayan aunt also gives me Clinique products when she comes home. I have the chocolate brown and vanilla eyeshadow, and the tiny tubes of mascara as well. This color duo looks really nice, totally in theme with the pantone color of the year. Would love to see the other color combinations as well!

  2. Yes, I also remember the green colored containers. It's amazing how only 2 colors can create a dramatic look like this, I like it. Thing is, my lids are super oily and crease in just a feq hours.. errr

  3. Woah that colour due looks so pretty. This review was really in depth and great, I really love your blog :)


  4. Woah that colour due looks so pretty. This review was really in depth and great, I really love your blog :)


  5. This is a must try I must say! :) minimal to no powder fallout will make it easier to apply and can save the work..thanks for review! :)

  6. I like how you create a dramatic look using only 2 eyeshadow colors! But I don't think I would purchase this on, aside of being a bit expensive it still looks chalky. :(

  7. Love the color! You can create a smokey eye makeup using those colors, too. How versatile.

  8. but i love those green marbled packaging.... haha... seems so posh... :D Clinique's skincare line is superb, but their makeup is a bit of a hit and miss... i did experience using their makeup before and it was not to my liking... but i do have one of their colour surge eye shadow quads right now, it's a neutral quad and i love the pigmentation and they apply so well on to the lids...

  9. ever since they reformulated there eyeshadows It become more popular eyeshadow to try out, the eye look you make is pretty ^_^

  10. It's been a while since I thought of the original Clinique packaging! Man, I suddenly remembered that my mom used this brand first. Haha. The thing with Clinique shadows is that the colors are wonderfully wearable, so their very much school- and office-safe, though the price is a bit of a turnoff considering more competitively priced brands offer just as wearable shades. (Isipin na lang that the price is due to the sensitive skin-friendly ingredients...)

  11. Steffy, Roxanne, and Zoe: Thank you! :D

    Matromao: true, I think that's really what we're paying for with Clinique, that their products are guaranteed safe for sensitive skin. :)

    Carmela: thank you, dear! :D

    Nix: True that! :)

    Cat: I knowwww. So vintage, right? :) I still have a very old clinique eyeshadow duo (the one in the green marbled packaging and I believe it's roughly around 12 years old already) that I use as display in the bathroom. :D

    Gina: thanks for your honest opinion. :)

    Majorie: Mine too so I can't wear eyeshadows without wearing eye primer first. :p


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