Don’t lose important messages anymore with WeChat’s Cloud Storage!

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I’m the type of person who saves every single detail, from trivial to the very important ones, in her laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. I used to jot down those in a notebook or diary, but I always leave it somewhere or misplace it around the house. :p I thought technology has made life better for me, until my laptop crashed one time and 80% of my important files were lost-that’s when I learned the importance of backing up files. I have 1 Terabyte hard disks and lots of usb keys to back up computer information. For my mobile phone, I take advantage of WeChat’s Cloud Storage, especially for the important conversations I had in this chat app.

Click READ MORE to know how this works and never lose a single important conversation…EVER!

Backing up your important messages on WeChat is as easy as 1-2-3:

 1. Go to your WeChat SETTINGS>GENERAL
3. Click BACK UP

You can also protect your saved conversations with a password.

To restore and view again your saved conversations, just click RESTORE on the Chat History Backup window and voila! Your conversations will be restored from the server to your device.

As easy peasy as that. WeChat’s Cloud Storage can back up your data for up to 7 days. This gives you enough time to go through it at the end of each day and check out the important details in your conversations. So be wise and back up your files and conversations now. ;)

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  1. Cloud storage is honestly a godsend. Practically can't imagine life without it because I'm an info hoarder. :))

    It's about time that all other apps follow suit. Just adds another important must-have feature.


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