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Can I just say it's SO HOT today? I'm sweating like a pig now and it feels like it's 40-degrees here in my area. :p I must go to the mall today and take advantage of the air conditioning haha!

We've got a question from Anne Paulette today and it's all about derm clinics. She asks:

I'm already 24 and I haven't tried going to any derma clinics to have a facial. I have some active pimples and pimple marks too. I want to take care of my face this time. :( What can you say about Flawless and Dermstrata? Can you recommend a derma clinic near Manila area. Yung accessible and affordable sana. Thank you! 

Anne Paulette

Hi Anne Paulette!

To tell you the truth, I am not a huge fans of Derm Clinics because one, I can do without them as my skin is not that troublesome (in fact, it got into trouble when I had a chemical peel :( ). I get breakouts here and there, but they can be remedied by over-the-counter treatments so if I'm going to get a facial, it's more for relaxation. Haven't had one in a while, actually, but here are some derm clinics that I have tried in the past and are quite good. Click READ MORE for the list. Links to the detailed reviews on my treatments are included below too. ;)

A mid-range facial clinic. They have lots of branches and they pride themselves on the Casmara line, a Spanish cosmeceutical line.

One of the most popular mid-range derm clinics. I love how pink this salon is and their always up-to-date range of facial services.

My most favorite so far when it comes to cleaning. When I had a major breakout, Bench Skin Expert has been my go-to derm clinic and the Advanced Acne Solution, my go-to treatment. I swear, their pricking procedure is virtually painless and place feels pretty luxe, but prices are quite reasonable.

This derm clinic isn't exactly affordable, but for my readers who can (and are willing) afford to shell out a hefty premium on facial services, I would recommend Facial Care Center. You start with the regular consultation and from there, the doctor will help you personalize your treatment-from the type of facial to the number of sessions-based on your skin concerns. Place also feels so private. Price for facials are available upon request.

You mentioned that you get some pimples and have a few pimple marks. Piece of advice, try using skin care products on them first and if they are not responsive, then it's time to get a facial. I've learned that you should get a facial (especially peels and cleaning facials) only if you need it. ;)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha,

    I got this nice GC for a intensive diamond peel and I wanted to try it but I have misgivings since I never really tried facials before and I have aging skin (will turn 44 this April). Should I give the Diamond Peel a go? I know nothing about this procedure.


  2. I go to the derma occasionally to get a facial, and honestly I don't like facials. I hate the pricking coz it's super painful. I would rather use skincare products over having a facial any time.

  3. I have facial treatments once every 2 months just because if I don't my face feels heavy. The whiteheads and pimples that suddenly appear means that time has already come. I chose Let's Face it and I've been having well behaved skin ever since.

  4. Dermstrata at Greenbelt 1 is a good one. The attendants are really accommodating and honest, and I noted that they were the same ones retained for the past four years that I've been going there (I go there when I have major skin issues), which says a lot. They do not force you to buy anything or avail of services you don't need (Let's Face It, I'm looking at you.).

  5. never been in derma clinic for a year now, just got too busy with life. I might treat myself before my bday comes, lol. Too bad we have very limited derm clinics here in my place.

  6. ive never been to any derma clinic before. but after reading this i want to try this too!!since im turning 25 this august and maybe this time my skin needs to be pampered.and btw i also got a GC for a IDP session. thank you for sharing your derma experience.

  7. I'm 23 and have never been to the derma for a facial either. Actually, the only time I was there was to have a bout of skin asthma checked out, and I didn't undergo any treatment. The Dr. just prescribed lotion and exfoliation. Sometimes, it's really "why fix it if it ain't broken?" It'll save time and money too. But if it's a little pampering treat, then I don't see why not. :)

  8. Joey: Hi there! Diamond Peel is actually Microdermabrasion. :) Just a tougher version of the regular face scrub-it's not chemical based as far as I know. Check out my Flawless review-I did Diamond Peel there. :)

    Matromao: That's true. Learned that lesson the hard way. Don't fix it if it ain't broken! :D

    Leilani: Hey, why not! Just make sure the derm clinic is legit ha. There are some people who experience worse skin problems after getting a derma treatment.

    Aiko: You're welcome! :)

    Genefel: Oh yeah! Heard about Dermastrata too, but never really tried 'em. Wish I could try it soon. :)

    Kat C: LOL. As for me, I dislike the fact that I have to spend time, sit on a chair for two hours, and come out bare faced haha!

    Majorie: Cool! I'm actually thinking of including facial treatments in my skin care routine-I just have to get over the fact that I dislike sitting on a chair for more than 1 hour haha!


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