FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Five Great My-Nails-But-Better Polishes

Hello lovelies! Time for another much- awaited Fan Mail Fridays post. It's from Jolly Josephine again, one of my avid readers:

Hi Ms. Martha!  
It's me again and this time i'd like to ask you about non-make-up thing. Can you please suggest my-NAILS BUT BETTER nail polishes that look good on any outfit and event? Thanks a bunch! :) 
Jolly Josephine

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Hi Jolly Josephine!

Great query! I'm actually a huge fan of natural- looking polishes, aside from red and here are my top picks! Click READ MORE for the list. :)

- Prolly the best blushing nude shade out there. I like that this color makes my hands and nails look clean, and my fingers look longer. This is my go-to MNBB shade. :D

- This is a good, natural-looking summer color. 

- This one will look good on fairer skin tones. Works well on dark skin tones too by making nails look bigger and more even.

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Enamel in Natural Beige

- This gorgeous shade will flatter and will look almost invisible on tan to deep skin tones. Revlon had released a set of fabulous nudes in this line and I'll be swatching 'em for everyone real soon!

- Eek! So sorry for the ugly- looking nails. They've turned so, so dry already after swatching 10 nail polishes! Anyway, Clinique's All About Beige is a selection of nude polishes that have been carefully selected to flatter different skin tones. Peek-A-Boo is perfect for light to medium skin tones.

Hope you liked this list! :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I urge you to try Dazzle Dry, Martha! It's nail-friendly, environment-friendly, and animal-friendly, plus it dries super fast! They have a vast selection of shades, and of course they have a good amount of nude/neutral shades.

  2. Thanks for showing us your top picks Ms. M! I love putting on nail polish from time to time. I bought lots of nail polish from Nature Republic last year, and I haven't even finished trying them all. From your picks, I like the pinkish shades from Artdeco best! ^^

  3. Thanks for this! It's really hard for me to find natural looking nail polishes since my hands are really dark. I'm looking at trying the revlon one

  4. laughed at the end part... :D that's why i don't wear nail polish, i just think it makes my nails unhealthy, personally... even on our wedding day, i didn't have any nail polish on... :D and also, i don't know how to do my nails... haha... i always end up "coloring outside the lines"... hahaha... i do let my friend color my nails once in a while when we're having our "girls night in", but i usually remove it the day after... to each his/her own... :)

  5. Just like how nude pumps are universally flattering, a good nude polish has that same classy effect. Each person must find their HG shade of nude. :P

  6. I like the iridescent rose and the shade of innocence..haven't tried polishing my nails with light colors..always bright and dark..but the colors you post seems good too. :)

  7. Essie's Au Natural is really really nice! :)

  8. Jenn: Thanks for recommending!

    RM: Thanks! :D

    Matromao: That's true! I always go for something that's a little caramel to compliment my skin tone. :)

    Joyce: They have a pretty nice line of nudes!

    Cat: LOL! And I got wounds on some of my cuticles too after swatching!

    Kat: Good choice! :D

    becomingsleek: Thanks for the reco! I'll check that out. :D


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