Foundation Tips From Bobbi Brown's Felix Nguyen + Bobbi Brown's New Summer Collections

Last week, I attended a mini foundation workshop conducted by Bobbi Brown. I just had to attend because for one, I'm a huge fan of Bobbi's foundations and two, since I believe she's the master of base makeup, I knew that I'd learn so much and my time will be well-spent.

The workshop was headed by Felix Nguyen, international makeup artist for Bobbi Brown. He had demonstrated four foundation looks and finishes, plus dished out very useful tips on how to achieve 'em. Find out how you can make the most out of your foundation after the break!


Second Skin Finish means having that second layer of skin that looks even better, but not unnatural. Felix suggests to do spot concealing to achieve a uniform finish without all that foundation layers. He also suggested to start applying foundation on the sides of the nose where redness is most prominent so you won't feel that you need to apply a lot of foundation layers on the other parts of your skin just because you feel that coverage isn't enough.


Felix suggested to use BB Cream or CC Cream underneath powder foundation to add a hint of glow to the skin and to prevent the flat matte finish.


Felix suggested to use a very light foundation with good pigmentation so that it will conceal imperfections but won't hide the true texture of the skin. He also used a sheer setting powder so the skin won't look powdery, and applied it by dabbing the product onto the skin-He said that this way, the foundation will be set properly but will not budge.


To conceal darker discolorations and imperfections, opt for a full coverage foundation so you won't feel the need to apply concealer underneath-this will shorten your makeup time, but without sacrificing that much- needed coverage.

So that's all for the Foundation tips! Hope you've learned a thing or two from the list! Here's an additional makeup tip from Felix:

On applying Bronzer: Bobbi Brown loves applying Bronzer starting on the neck and then she works her way upwards to the forehead. This prevents over application and having that dark, unnatural looking contour on the complexion.

Bobbi Brown has a new base makeup too and it's the Extra Bright Powder Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++. It's made to absorb oil continuously for a super fresh look all throughout the day. It has SPF too, meaning you can easily retouch your sun protection anytime!

Here's a quick guide to Bobbi's Foundation range:

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation- water- based, oil- free foundation; light to medium coverage, good for oily, combination normal/oily, and normal skin types.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Liquid Foundation- oil- free foundation; medium to heavy coverage; good for oily and combination normal/oily skin types.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation- Cream foundation; medium to heavy coverage; good for combination normal/oily and normal/dry, and dry skin types

Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Powder Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++- matte finish; medium to heavy coverage; good for very oily, oily, and combination normal/oily skin types.

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation- matte finish; heavy coverage; perfect for Dry and combination normal/dry skin types.

Oh, Bobbi Brown also has these fab lip collections for summer:


- Sheer, lightweight, and ultra moisturizing, these lipsticks will make you look fresh and cool with its multi-dimensional, mirror- like finish. Each lipstick contains a generous amount of glitter for lips that steal the spotlight, and are infused with Shea and Murumuru Butter for a moisturizing, non-feathering finish. Available in 12 shades.

ART STICKS (P1,500.00)

- Lipstick and Lip Liner meets in this convenient product. Art Stick is a creamy, pigmented, multitasking lip color that can be used to line or color the lips and provides a sheer or full finish. Formula says that it can last for up to 6 hours without drying, thanks to Shea Butter and vegetable- derived oils. It's available in 8 shades and will be available locally in all Bobbi Brown counters starting April 2014.

Just visit BOBBI BROWN PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more updates and information.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. These are really useful foundation tips, and these foundation products from Bobbi Brown are just lovely. I'm kind of intrigued about the foundation stick in the photo as I've never used foundation in the form of a stick before.

  2. The foundation tips are surely helpful for those like me who wants to achieve that 'perfect skin' look. And yay for Bobbi Brown for venturing into the 'lip crayon' trend!

  3. I have been doing the matte finish and I love it because it evens out my face. And Ms. M might I suggest the tip of *gossmakeupartist, an international make up artist, also a fan of Bobbi Brown. Apply moisturizer or primer, set it with powder, apply foundation liquid or cream, then setting powder. I know it sounds crazy but because he used Bobbi Brown products with the video, it had an amazing result. I hope you try it and let me know what you think. If you want, I'll link the video. ;))

  4. I am very excited for April! Art sticks here I come

  5. these are very useful tips Ms.Martha :) i love matte finish foundations it evens out my skintone. but sometimes i want the dewy finish. thank you for sharing this useful tip to us :)

  6. Yesterday, I've seen a mini seminar? or event? I don't know what it is called but it wa conducted at bobbi brown's boutique at megamall. I really wanted to go kaso nahihiya ako and I don't know if I will be needing to purchase anything. Good thing, you have this post and I think same lang yung topic :) I love bobbi brown make ups! They are one of the best for me :)

  7. I really want to try Bobbi brown , I saw a pop up store at The Block SM north and I ask the prize for their liquid foundation. If I'm not mistaken its Php 2,900.00
    I'm saddened by that and shocked.

  8. Thank goodness for second-skin foundation. Will try the tip about the BB/CC under the powder foundie, since CC or BB alone makes me look washed out. I usually top BB with plain face powder which doesn't help with the washed out/paler look. I guess the foundation will even it out. :)

  9. Glad you all liked Felix's tips! :)

    MariannaF: I know what you feel, but once you try Bobbi Brown, you'll know why her products are priced like that. Her foundations will always be my favorite!

    Matromao: Yes, foundation is really your best bet if you want to even out your skin tone naturally. CC can do that, but it comes in different colors and normally, in a pale shade of Beige. :)

    Jesselle and Rae: Me three! I want the Art sticks! :)


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